Eve of Thursday

Good day?

I cycled to Southern Cemetery with some fresh orange cake and an iced coffee and sat on the grass playing M Found Love in a Graveyard then took her to see Lowry’s grave.

Such a good goth picnic.



Hiya. Was alright, ta.

The brussels are broiled, the cashews have been milked, and dinner is on the way.

Don’t know what I’ll do after.

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Are the two things going to be combined?

Evening scouty.Had a lil cycle. Woke up very late :flushed::flushed: as a result of going to sleep at five am.

Now cracked open the beers and will no doubt do it all over again.

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Oh no! I’m still averaging about 4 hours sleep a night at most at the moment and it is killing me.

Do you sleep ok after drinking? I find I just lay wide awake

That’s the plan!

There’s a wee nest of birds at the side of our roof.
The mum managed to get into the eaves and down a hole where the old boiler pipes had been and ended up in our towel cupboard.
It made a racket and crapped over everything, was expecting a mouse to jump out when I checked but the wee bird was scared. Was able to get it and check it was okay and she flew away okay when I let her.
Spent the last while patching up the gap and checked on the nest. She’s since been flying back and forth feeding the chicks.
Nature is healing?


Gonna sit in the garden listening to John Fahey and drinking tins until it’s cold then I will light a fire and continue.


We’ve got lots of blue tits in the little holes between bricks at the flats this year, and along with some long tailed tits, they’ve been looking in through the window a lot :blush:


Yeah like a bairn. Thankfully.

Just popped a pizza in the oven kerching


Oh some graveyard news I forgot to add. One headstone was two sisters with the best names - Minnetta and Sabina.

Can’t stop thinking about how cool they sound.

(Bonus fact: it’s the same cemetery that Tony Warren walked around collecting names for the Coronation Street cast, which is a great way to come up with names)


Aww brilliant. When I’m in the loft you can hear them all chirping when the mum flies back and forth. I’m rubbish at types of birds, think it’s starlings.

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I’ve got some chocolate buttons too. I haven’t had the pleasure of Juno Birch though, she looks great

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Still feeling a bit gloomy and subdued. Sunday night too which isn’t helping. Gonna make some spicy fried cheese wrap things for tea. Watched all of Tiger King in one go today, that’s it.


Fire now pls


Sorry to hear that, funky.


That fluff!

Gonna take the dog for a walk now.
Gnocchi and chicken for dinner, then watch the Radiohead thing on YouTube later.

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The cast are still alive, mostly.

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Alright. 45mins left here. Tad annoyed as a brewery has taken payment for an order and never sent it and is now not replying to my attempts at contact. :rage:

Some sort of cauliflower thing for tea then shower and bed. Back in early tomorrow for a jolly good VE Day