Eve of Weds


Should be home scoffing pizza and playing zelda but im stuck at work ;_;



Just finished work, think that should be my last late finish for now as everything’s calmed down a bit. Off to meet another translator for a drink as she’s in town for a week and I would like a drink.


On the Eurostar aren’t I :eu: :star2: :steam_locomotive:

Got beers and crisps.

Bloody knackered aren’t I. It’s been a long fucking day.


Off to a gig in about half hour or something idm

  • Proofreading
  • Eating leftover soup from yesterday (watered it out a bit as it was too salty yesterday)
  • Still haven’t done my taxes


:wave: I’m just waiting for my fizzybubblywine to chill out. It’s had a hard day.


Wife’s cancelled her plans so not zeldafest for me :sob:


Oh no, you literally have to spend time with the love of your life!? My thoughts and prayers are with you, man :fearful:


no i mean she’s going to hog the nintendo :sob:


He said Zeldafest was cancelled!


She should buy her own Switch really m9.




Having cuddles and playtime with my niece and nephew


Ahm lookin sexi in my painting gear hunz


In the mood for 90’s rnb. Is diary of a mad band worth a bash?


Going to play some computer games and drink cold brew.


This live election debate is making me anxious. Gonna walk up and down the stairs a dozen times lol


doctors have now decided my brother probably didn’t have a heart attack so no idea what’s going on really.

Somewhat of a relief though.


hope he gets better soon bam


thanks frog :slight_smile: