Even ING Friday


What’s happening tonight?

Watching intense Ingmar Bergman film at the moment. Making a Dhal for dinner and having one or two beers.

Pizza on the way.

Just bought a coat on the internet.

Pretty standard stuff.

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I gave one of the student tutors at work a lift home and she bought me a burrito and we went to an art gallery and she took some photos of us doing activities and put them in the group chat she shares with all the phd and other tutor people so now the academics know I’m ok.

Which I’m happy about cause all I ever do is awkwardly say hi and give them room keys.



I’ll be getting the train to Lewes in a bit for Lewes Psych Fest, where I’ll finally get to see Vanishing Twin live. In the meantime I’ve got a white chocolate and cookie Magnum. Yum.

Evening Dissers,

No plans this weekend apart from Sunday night when I’ve got some new restaurant opening thjng.

Gonna lay low tonight by with a few beers and maybe a couple of films.

Wishing you all a great and successful Friday evening. :+1::grinning::beers:

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Just getting in the bath with my book for a bit, got a ridiculous face mask on :woman_in_steamy_room:t3: Magic combo of clean sheets AND pjs tonight :metal:


Was walkjng Jackson in the park earlier and the smell from the local Indian came wafting in, fuck me gently it smelt amazing.


Bath, face mask, fresh pjs and sheets - amazing :+1:

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I’ve had a horrible day, I’ve had a headache since yesterday.

4 hour meeting at work about a new project. I am the developer/analyst so it was basically two others telling me what they wanted and planning it out. I wasn’t in the mood for it hoping they’d leave it to next week (Friday afternoon ffs) , but no. Its not helpful as although I wrote notes I’m not sure I took everything in.

Then I left 10 minutes early as I’m going for a meal and theatre and a director “joked” why I was leaving early.

I needn’t have left early anyway as both the bus and trains are screwed.

Also it’s 5 years tomorrow that my 30 year old cousin passed away and my other cousin (his sister) who is a fantastic writer and written a beautiful poem. Which has made me a little emotional.

And now the loudest person ever has got on the train, I’m very close to telling him to fuck off.

Now I’m really not in the mood for the meal (a good local Indian) and the theatre. But I’ll be letting others down so I’ll go. I’m also going to have to go straight there now.

Cheery huh

It kind of means a lot cause I’ve got like issues with showing my regular-ish personality in work situations so having the people I see most days get to see me in a way that’s more like the normal me will make me feel more comfortable when I hand them keys etc.


sorry you’ve had such a shit day, hopefully you can reset tomorrow and find some improvement!


Big hug from Glasgow ma man


Me and an atd gonna get some food then go listen to @SunnyB and @colossalhorse do the bleeps and bloops

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I’ve got a cider and a box of macaroni cheese


Alright evening threaders. Made the gravy earlier for our curry tonight. Have done bathtime, now on the evening wind down. Have to pop out in a minute to get the wife from her blood donation appointment. Will finish off the curry when I get back. Have #somebeers in but not sure if I’ll have any of them.


Mate that sounds tough. Hugs from these regions! Hope you get to enjoy your night when you get there x


dogs are the opposite of fascists though

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might watch mid90s

And because I’m cooking tonight, £11.90 finds its way into the savings fund.