Evenin' guvnor

Sup? Stirfry then bed for me I reckon.

Hi Eric

How are you keeping?

Disappointed I can’t make the dawnwalker gig.
How is the wife?

I’ve just done a run. Gonna have some ravioli whilst watching xfiles s1e5 on 5spike then go to the pub. :+1:

that’s an early bedtime!

Been to the pub, now on my way home. Bought loads of coffee earlier :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Probably gonna read when I get in. Got a book by Kenzaburō Ōe from the library so might begin that?

got some Doritos from the shop cos I’m scum.

My mum’s doing really well mentally lately which is great news though, hope she’s turning a corner


oh yeah gonna have a fancy bath too

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I’m going to make an AMAZING soup (got stock on the boil now). I bought a pack of mixed root vegetables and besides parsnip and celery root and beetroot it also had THREE other types of beets in it! I’m really excited. #HappyVeggie

Might as well to bed, no reason to be conscious.

Was also gonna stir the fry but just had a bread roll to put me on/ruin my appetite.

Might go watch 3 Billboards but not I can be bothered leaving the house again. Going have a nice coffee and read the last few pages of my book whilst I decide.

Dog walk > pint > football.



going to go and get some thai food to, then to make up for not doing anything today try and move more stuff in storage, wondering whether the storage place would mind if I use my space to also practice drums in the middle of the night

Evening all. Encountered a cyclist who was cycling the wrong way down the narrow cycle lane on Hills Road, with no lights on, texting as he cycled. I think this will be difficult to surpass.


Just been for a run, was a right fuckjng struggle. Fucking starving now.

Just back from the dentist - root canal. Lovely stuff
Got soup later but I am strongly favouring a couple of brandies before I eat

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Should have kicked them off their bike

“sorry, I didn’t see you there”

Were they also not wearing a helmet, just to compound their disregard for safety?

hello mewt! we’re fine ta, though SJ is quite impatient for us to get a doge. me too really but it’s tricky at the min!

ah no worries, hopefully we might get a show outside of london one day. be our first one anyway so we’ll probably be all over the shop. :rofl:

ooft, jersey devil. not one of my favourites!

Early Vic Chesnutt lyrics…

oh shi

Yeah I needed a song where the chorus is just oh death again and again tbh

courier never turned up today :disappointed: called the company and now they’ve started a complaint against him :disappointed: and i didn’t have the stuff i needed to post a bunch of stuff today :disappointed: not a good day for post and deliveries