Evenin' Tuesday!

I’m high, trying to think of a fun thing to do.

Got to go play squash tomorrow too which I think might kill me

just no way to play squash kind of casually is there, you have to pretty much dive on every point

Could just do drop shots for every single shot.

Might not be very effective but casual possibly to the point of being annoying.

I’ve only played squash twice though so might not be a thing really.

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you can kind of do shots where you bounce it gently off the wall which is kind of like the equivalent of a drop shot, those are a right nightmare to get though you end up legging it into the wall. Squash!

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ah no I can’t sorry none of my equipment is set up

:smiley: mate I’m too high for that!


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you had a nice day rich?

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I’ve had a very non eventful day. Peak of today being a good easy peeler or listening to the first Maccabees album. Looking forward to cracking a beer and cooking dinner tbh.


Woah! I was walking back from town, not two hours ago and I heard a track blasting from a window that reminded me of what I thought might have been an Andy C track from about 17 years ago. Was trying to work out how to describe it, but then I came down stairs just then to find it being played on the bloomin’ radio. What are the chances?!?!

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Hey team. Yesterday I collapsed and my wife found me face down on the floor of the kitchen. I was unresponsive and it took the paramedics to wake me up. Broken my wrist in the fall, and got concussed.

Now having vegan chicken burgers and tatties and sleepy. Hope you are doing better than I, haha.

sounds like you’ve got a good evening ahead of you at any rate!

chances are pretty low I’d say!

Walked into co-op today and they were playing a Pulp track so I just stayed in the newspaper aisle and had a little boogie for a minute


jesus! I hope you are feeling ok now??


Been on a right nostalgia trip recently. Been great

Yeah just sore everywhere


man you’ve been through a lot lately, really sucks sorry :frowning:


Jesus sheeldz. Hope you’re ok and not too banged up


I’m tired. Long and slightly stressful day. Going to eat soup and stroke a cat.

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