good evenin’


evenin’ Shrewbie




getting drunk


evenin bam


evenin’ all.

Tonight is my late again, so I’m at work until 9pm. It’s so hot in the office and I want to go home.


also playing picross.

Best game on switch


Hi. Where’s my :hotdog: ?


where did you last leave it?


Evenin’. Just about to get the train back to what we can all agree is the best city in the world; London.

Had a brilliant time up here. It’s easy to forget, what with Brexit, that we have some pretty beautiful parts of these stinking isles.


@laelfy has it I think


Kinda only just got up, debating whether to eat lunch or breakfast

Think beans on toast would be perfect.


day off, did nothing, watching this treehouse of horror episode of the simpsons is pretty good (used to find these annoying)




tonight i’m gonna cook

green lentils
red onion
cherry tomatoes

until it’s all soft, and then add feta, greek yogurt and balsamic to give it a lil suminsumin.


Oh hai there


Stuck under a baby. Had a cracking day. Slept until 10, decent midwife visit (baby is growing quickly), NCT meet-up, with cake!, watching tomb raider; cradle of life and have mown the lawn. Chopped the tip of my thumb of yesterday, and it fucking hurts.


Evening. Can’t believe I read that London thread guys, not even any good beeves.

Had a proper moment earlier when I thought I’d lost my house/bike/car keys. Would have properly screwed me over but thankfully I found them in a really odd place.

More packing tonight? #dull