good evenin’

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getting drunk


evenin’ all.

Tonight is my late again, so I’m at work until 9pm. It’s so hot in the office and I want to go home.

also playing picross.

Best game on switch

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Hi. Where’s my :hotdog: ?

Evenin’. Just about to get the train back to what we can all agree is the best city in the world; London.

Had a brilliant time up here. It’s easy to forget, what with Brexit, that we have some pretty beautiful parts of these stinking isles.


@laelfy has it I think

day off, did nothing, watching this treehouse of horror episode of the simpsons is pretty good (used to find these annoying)



Oh hai there


Stuck under a baby. Had a cracking day. Slept until 10, decent midwife visit (baby is growing quickly), NCT meet-up, with cake!, watching tomb raider; cradle of life and have mown the lawn. Chopped the tip of my thumb of yesterday, and it fucking hurts.

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Evening. Can’t believe I read that London thread guys, not even any good beeves.

Had a proper moment earlier when I thought I’d lost my house/bike/car keys. Would have properly screwed me over but thankfully I found them in a really odd place.

More packing tonight? #dull

Evenin. You want the Not London thread for those.

Waiting for the Ocado person to arrive with DAIRY FREE BEN & JERRY’S which I will then eat until I feel sick.

evenin’ xyl
evenin’ shre
evenin’ bamn
evenin’ yno
evenin’ jpar
evenin’ jere
evenin’ ghos
evenin’ tt


Loving your work


Evening all,

Making a vegetable tart for dinner, going to cover it in a layer of feta and then eat it all.

Really digging my new clock and my new lamp. It’s making me think I might need to Glasgow it this weekend and burrow my way through all the secondhand shops :hugs:

yeah, might do this

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