Evening all 👋 (29/09)

How are you all? How have your days been? What’s for dinner/tea?

I’m still on the train. Played a game of Scrabble where my first two words were fap and snogger and their first was gimp. Could have played ‘oral’ for my next move but it wouldn’t have got me enough points. (Obviously doing it wrong etc etc)

Happy Wednesday evening anyway!

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can you play OI! LAURA! ?


There are a few names that are valid - Jane for example. But I can’t remember if Laura is one of them. Oi is valid but low scoring

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Another day, another round of fatphobic abuse from society’s finest.

Can’t you ban these people from your shop? This shouldn’t be acceptable.


As if that’ll stop them coming in. I can do, but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

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Can you at least reply ‘at least I’m not a c***’. I mean you might get sacked but it would be worth it.


Went for a wee day trip to Cala figuera, lovely wee fishing town, got some grilled sardines for lunch. Damn good.

Got back and had a few whilst reading my book down the front. Wee bit hazy :relaxed:



That’s all I have.

This is the crux. This one was about a lack of refund for a stolen item, so it is some small comfort that it isn’t purely shot at me, but at the situation, and me. Not great I know, but that low level abuse of retail/hospitality/service workers happens so often you become used to it. Wrong, but hey, at least she didn’t get her refund.

Oh, apparently, by not giving her a refund, I’m discriminating against people with tatoos. That was a new one. I did ask her to give me the “ism” I was displaying with that.


is it the same people?

whether or not it is, your employers have a responsibility to protect you, surely?

Yeah, I’m going to have a chat with my boss tomorrow.


Does anyone know about cheap projectors plz?

I know a bit I guess

have you spoken to your boss already about it? would have thought that’s an instant banning for the first offence.

Ordered fish and chips from the local place using there app.

Got an email saying it’s confirmed.

Waited an hour. No delivery.

Checked email again. Nothing.

Went on the app. Order cancelled (no notification).

Thanks lads. Fucking sterling work there. I’m well pissed off and so is my wife.


Like I said, banning notices are an admin things in all but name. Essentially worthless. Used more to back the police up to issue bans from city centres to repeat offenders.



My plans are postponed due to a puncture (not mine)

Just been drilling loads of holes for my new bedroom shelves, and then filling in the huge chasms that opened up in my crumbly crumbly walls . Got all the plugs in looking more or less in the right places so I’m happy with that. I’ll paint over the pencil marks tomorrow, then start cutting and installing the actual shelves

Sorry that was dull

Probably just going to have toast for tea

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I feel awful

I’m in the sort of broken glass acute anxiety place I’ve been in so often

unweildy but not tl;dr details

one of my longer-term friends and his partner (also a friend) have moved away recently

last time I saw him, it was weirdly fraught/uncomfortable. he’e misremembered what I’d told him about something, basically had it backwards, and was being low-key stern/judgemental much of the time

he made it explicit, I corrected him, he sort of apologised for having forgotten, but in a barbed, warning sort of way, relating to associating with someone else - someone who I don’t really talk to anymore, as I told them - who had been friends with the two of them, but made his partner uncomfortable

it was sort of unharmonious when we departed, but not markedly bad?

he had said he’d briefly be back up in August, but if he had been, he never messaged me. I haven’t heard from him since.

just noticed that his partner has unfollowed me on Insta, but not removed me as a follower? I have no idea why, but I’m a nervous wreck as a result

yeah, idk. hard to explain. feel wary about how the friend misremembered things.


Going camping for a couple nights. This meme fits the bill.