Evening all! (Monday evening thread)

Hello :wave:

Hope you’ve all had good days?

I’ve been off today and faced up to two of my fears: heights, and DIY that’s any more complicated than painting. I removed, repaired and repainted the sash window in our top room.

There was blood cut my thumb on a Stanley knife about five minutes into the job, sweat (standard) and tears (when I realised how much I needed to do) but it all worked out.

How are you all?


good work! Did you feel like you might fall leaning out of the window there? Seems a bit scary

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anyway I’m feeling quite glum so will probably go buy some snacks and pretend that will cheer me up

those first couple of photos make it look like you were miles up but the last one looks like you could have reached it from standing in your garden

perspective is weird eh

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9pm (CET) really creeps up on you doesn’t it


Good evening! Monday night is bin night. I’ve just put them out, so I reckon it’s time to settle down to a Magnum

how many calories do you think are in a standard regular chips from the chip shop.

could be anything and that’s no way of knowing

Had slow cooker pork carnitas for tea so that was nice. BiL was meant to mend my car tonight but it’s pouring with rain so he hasn’t :frowning: Might go to bed.

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at least 50

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Can you step in and sort his horizon out too?

watching tennish, drinking the beer i forgot to have last night (sorry witches). feels like there’s something i should be doing like in a couple days i’m gonna be struck down in terror coz i’ve realised i’ve neglected some important thing but i can’t think what it could be.


Well done @colon_closed_bracket !


is the website really slow for anyone else since it switched over to the other servers?

getting lots of the old loading wheel recently

Precursory email

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I remember there being posters at chippies saying that there were fewer calories in fish and chips than in a standard Indian or Chinese takeaway. Sounds like bollocks to me!

Apparently a large portion (400g) is 956 calories.

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I was a bit scared tbh! But once I’d worked out my balance (and how to do the bits on the right as a left-hander) I was okay.

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It’s been fine for me

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Evening lovelies!

Made pesto, realised 80g of basil is a LOT so halved recipe except for the garlic. So WOOOOAH such strong garlic pesto :star_struck::star_struck:

Anyway, Ghosts and tea and cake now.

Well done @colon_closed_bracket looks like a mega excellent job!


Maybe for a child.


Thank you :slight_smile: the windows are nearly 200 years old so it was impossible to do a perfect job, but I’m pleased with the improvement.

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