Evening all (Tues)

Got iberico free range pork for dinner isn’t it.

Beige dinner, waiting to hear that they’ve let ol’ ma Epimer out of the hospital, migraine, all-encompassing dread, might watch an e-sports documentary

Had tacos. Got to write out some bank complaints

It’s going to be a long night …



Just had baked potato with beans

The neighbours are still making loads of noise on the stairs, think they are decorating or something

I’m going to the pub at 7 to see someone I’ve been seeing indoors for the last time in a bit

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Done a cracking days work today, put the bins out (definitely cold out there), now going to have a relatively chilled evening, potential intensified fascist nightmare notwithstanding. Hope you’re all well, best, Shiggs

That reminds me! Cheers

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Dienstag ist binstag!

Tempted to join the theme booze train


Quorn nuggets and sauté potatoes for tea. Should be Funky Friday but it’s not :frowning:


Son’s fucked his brand new coat. Well it had a shite zip. H&M won’t send a replacement until they get the return. So had to order a coat from elsewhere but even that is two day delivery. So he’s got to face the cold in a windcheater for the next couple of days.

Fuck me this is boring!

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Let’s get knobbed!

Evening. Got knocked back from the vaccine study for having high blood pressure so that’ll be a doctors appointment tomorrow. Gonna go out for a walk before bake off.

flatmate’s birthday today. he’s insistent on going to the pub for the last time before lockdown…oh joy!

Flight is chocka

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Evening friends :first_quarter_moon_with_face: that emoji is correct, the moon is in waning gibbous.
Nothing exciting to report, made dinner that I’m too anxious to eat (just like every night!), might start Dawson’s Creek. Ladybirds are thriving, seen three today. Did I say on here how I swallowed one the other day? Cause I did and it was awful.

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glad to hear yr getting out of this shithole


Apparently this twitch streamer I just subscribed to has an overlay that shows the most recent subscriber above her portrait until it’s overwritten by a new one.


i have no idea what the fuck im looking at here