Evening all


Alright guys?

Going to bed really early tonight as I think I’m getting flu, again.

Trying to think of article ideas to pitch to a local online newspaper but struggling (urban issues I guess - I thought about doing on about how rubbish our public squares are, but idk, any suggestions?)

What you all doing tonight?


Hi Scout.

Hope you feel better soon.


Evening Scout,
I’ve got the cold and feeling sorry for myself. Heads fried after a manic day at work.
So basically what I’m saying is I am of no help at all.
Hope you and the wee yin are good


Alright Scouters! Sorry to hear about the flu situ (that rhymes and you know it rhymes Marge, admit it).

I’m listening to Ys and flicking through the sleeve, such a gorgeously designed vinyl, couldn’t fit Newsom’s music any better. Got 1 glass of red wine left in the bottle and an M&S prosciutto and fungi pizza in the oven. I’m by no means fluent in Italian but I’m led to believe it’s ham and mushroom.

Gonna watch Everton and Arsenal later I reckon.


Someone asked If I’d submit something to the Telegraph today.

I sent them a ‘real’ response’ and a ‘fake’ response. They chose the ‘fake’ response to submit.


This all sounded delightful until the last sentence :unamused: :soccer: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The last sentence would not be happening if I didn’t have the flat to myself tonight. I’m making the most of it! I may even mirror it to Apple TV, how do you like them, erm, apples?!


Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly Scout, not great here myself.

Going to watch the ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ documentaries on Netflix and drink tea. Can’t do anything more than that.


I totes :heart: those :apple::apple:


Can we see [redacted] versions of both?


Just back from a band practise, my shoulders hurt.



They’re massive mate!

One (the real one) basically said - “We don’t care, do whatever you want”

The one they chose was carefully crafted and makes everyone do loads of unnecessary work because we don’t have time to do our job properly.


Hey scout and all.

Went to see SFA in Edinburgh last night, had a great white Russian in lebowskis first.

Had to sort secret Santa for work and an Xmas jumper which was a ball ache.

Don’t know anything about the guy other than he smokes. So got him a packet of fags and scratch card.


I’m having a smoked old fashioned while waiting for my table in a posh vegan restaurant ahead of a Tuesday night gig because London.


Watching a documentary on norwegian Reindeer herders on BBC Alba, they all seem well happy.


Although I might sack it off and get a burger, tbqfh.


Tonifht i am

Watxhing villa norwich
Tidying my room and listening to Drug Church or 68 before Saturday
Watch Comedy Bang Bang
Maybe a Seinfeld if its not too late (watched the Festivus one laat night)


Awoooo, smoked old fashion!? Is that just the same thing but with an islay style whisky?


Smoked bitters, apparently.