Evening angels!

Got 5 kids here, why do they shout when they’re all in the same tiny room?! It’s like being in a Wetherspoons.

Jokes on them anyway as I’m eating colin caterpillar cake in secret in the kitchen nice and quiet like.



Evening Scout et al!

I found my car keys so today feels like a massive winner already.

The Child has developed an absolutely stinking attitude in the last few days and I’m a little bit convinced it’s tiredness but she’s being a dickhead all the same.

I’m away to football again tonight to hopefully increase my goal tally for the week.

@Scout - did you see the battered Colin picture doing the rounds on social media?


Man, work was TOO MUCH today. I helped someone with a query yesterday afternoon which led to more queries this morning, and then a lunchtime “have you got five minutes to explain this” turned into a three hour call.

But I’ve got a gig tonight which will be a nice distraction from things. I had accidentally put it in the diary for Thursday originally. Good job I realised before today, eh?

Kickass angels!

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  • Get a takeaway
  • No
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Work is really stressful atm. Just feel dazed. Sent quite a big email at 4pm to various people and now I’ve got some cringe over it because

  • It was quite a long and wordy email but I’m a man of few words when talking in person (who put 10p in him?)
  • It was basically bad news and putting something else on people’s plates

Was in line at the deli earlier for lunch and a German couple in front of me asked if I was from the area. Yes, i replied. “Aren’t the leaves and foliage so BEAUTIFUL around here this time of year”, they exclaimed. “They’re all right” I said.

The look of pure jubilation to instant disgusted sadness was something to behold. Guess I’m just use to them that I don’t see it how others might. Hope I didn’t ruin their day.


unfortunate change of evening plans, but getting a takeaway and making other week plans to balance it out

Cold (for the next 4 months)

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Got a last minute ticket for Model / Actriz tonight after seeing people here rave about the tour so far. Looking forward to it, but could do with it being a bit less cold at this bus stop

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Almost home from Bristol.

Got a half baguette to have with some miserysoup.

I sympathise. I did something similar recently and was then worried that I seemed like a bit of a shitebag sending it right before logging off so I set it to send the next morning at something daft like 6am and then had loads of folk who probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought if I’d sent it at the end of the day asking why I’d sent it at 6am. :upside_down_face:


Productive day!
Jerk salmon rice bowls with coleslaw and broccoli for dinner :drooling_face:


How did you get on in Bristol?

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Alright? Went to visit my parents and nephew earlier so that was nice. Went for a walk on the beach after. Made a big chilli for tea and it’s quite spicy tbh. Need to clean a few things before the cleaner comes tomorrow then it’s 2-4 beers and more New Girl.


Doing some sort of air fried spud, bacon and onion hash with a friend egg on the top for tea. Son was a pure dick today and I’m in a stinking mood. So might escape to the pub.

I’m ill, sick, have a horrible mouthfeel. Want cuddles. Don’t have any.

Oh. They’re playing here next week at a new place I’ve never been to and I keep forgetting to check them out. Maybe tonight’s the night.


Takeaway pivot from curry to pizza, slightly disappointed but I’ll cope

Cuddles escutcheon


Had a banging time.

Went loads of places including m shed, ss Great Britain, suspension bridge, loads of indie shops.