Evening Begins (2019, dir: Scott_chegg)

What you up to tonight hun?

I went to the gym for my spin class only to realise I’d booked for Thursday by accident. So I played “row 5k as fast as you can” and now I feel dreadful.

Off to eat some delicious Caribbean treats and go to a pumpkin carving fest thing.

Found out last night that our landlord is selling our flat at the end of the year too, so that’s Quite Shit.

Tell me things!

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Feeling ill. Bad ill, not Beastie Boys ill.

Heating up some frozen spag bol for dinner so won’t be eating for another three days while it simmers for the approved time.

How fast did you row 5k?

I’ve already done gym and I’ve donated blood so it’s a night on the couch in front of bake off for me and I couldn’t be happier well I could, but let’s not get too greedy

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Ah man, that’s the worst one. Get better!


21 minutes, which isn’t actually all that fast! Well done on the blood donation! What an angel. I knew there was a reason we had a blind date

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I’d be delighted with that

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That is fast by laelfy standards :+1:

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I feel horrendous as a result though

i can row 5k in about 2 minutes.


I can do it in 1 minute 58 seconds.


In true DiS fashion, I preferred the slightly camper and more playful original version of Evening.

Ate some repurposed mojo pork and orange sauce with roast potatoes. It was better than it sounds.

I’m supposed to be marking a load of work for tomorrow but I think I’ll just plead idiocy and hand it back next week.

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I met someone from Monaco today. Think that’s a first.

No pain no gain and all that pish

@Epimer @profk @anon3515918 @laelfy - How fast can you lose interest in a 6h training event?

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Peter Hook or David Potts?

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Did your you say “what do you want from me?” At them?


was trying to work for a bit but I looked over some earlier stuff I did and it’s pretty much all by the seat of my pants and without any regard for what I’ve done before or since (impossible to fucking keep track on this thing) so I got discouraged and will drink a beer and eat some chips instead

I pay attention to every damn second

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Sorry about the flat situation.

Bought pepperoni pizza as a final treat before back to Vegan-ing. The pepperoni smells really strange and worried it’s off, I’ve eaten a bit and had to pick the rest off. Really dont want food poisoning, thank you :nauseated_face: