Evening Begins (2019, dir: Scott_chegg)

Sorry about the flat situation.

Bought pepperoni pizza as a final treat before back to Vegan-ing. The pepperoni smells really strange and worried it’s off, I’ve eaten a bit and had to pick the rest off. Really dont want food poisoning, thank you :nauseated_face:


I am in an absolutely foul mood and I really hope I don’t piss anyone else off tonight (someone tell me to fuck off if I get uncharacteristically mean). Want to booze away the sad/angry but am probably still too sick for that.

Had toad in the hole + monster mash (mash with spinach in), which would have been nice if R wasn’t being a complete toddler while he was eating and also only being interested in the toads.

This has pleased me


I’m not sure if this means you’re winning or losing but well done.

Was quite looking forward to dad’s birthday meal and seeing gerbils until I missed the train to Tonbridge and had to wait 20 mins for another one, which is hardly the end of the world to most people… but I’m excited to find out what level of criminal my family will make me feel like

Not entirely true :woman_shrugging:

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Mrs Z wanted KFC, so got that, now at home watching Keanu Reeves try and clone his family with minority report tech.

Need to change Lord Meowey’s litter tonight and might keep an eye on parliament too. Exciting!

It is entirely possible that I have shingles, going to have to go to the doc tomorrow. Feel so crap

Going to yoga. May well fall asleep there.

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Mood improved as the most precious and pure human I know referred to me as his best friend in an email :star_struck: what have I done to deserve 4 amazing people considering me their best friend?? Truly blessed. Namaste :pray:


Get well soon FKA_shingles.


I’ve not left the house all day. Been glorious.

Tonight is spiced butternut squash soup, GBBO and bed. Living the high life in Casa Rich-t


What’s your symptoms?

I’ve got an empty so I’m making some spaghetti and then going to sit in the bath. Just put 9 cloves of garlic in my spaghetti sauce for one so just as well I’m home alone really :woman_shrugging:t3:


Friday night in the Funkhouse and I’ve taken delivery of the shopping, put on some laundry and made some burgers and some chips that are currently cooking away. Gonna watch some true crime TV and try and cheer up, feeling very grumpy.

True hero


hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:


and a real human being

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Just bought that Well Good jumper from the other thread, pretty happy with my jumper sitch now. Not feeling great and still coming down from v social weekend, so spicy tomato pasta and GBBO and maybe join in the Low listening club and investigate New Zealand flights.

Thanks Bam, just tired out and a bit low I think, I’ll be fine.

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