Evening *carb edition*

Made a pal. Going out to see how much more Bavarian food i can handle now.

Had the best pretzels of my life today, wouldnt shut up about them… someone on the trip just bought me a bag of 5 to take home and freeze :star_struck:

What you up to huns?


Your trip is looking boss m9.

Had another day with the youngest. Batch cooked some pasta sauce, listened to some nice records. Gonna make this Jamie fish pie when the kids have gone to bed…


Will only go on work trips of this calibre from now on (so guess just this one)

Had a haircut. Going to have some minestrone now. Football later.

Wish I could.go on a work trip that wasn’t a visit to a local store. Bavaria is the absolute best

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27th September

  • Too late in the year for a skin fade
  • Cold head is a small price to pay for the look

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If my barber wasn’t on holibobs, I’d be on the skin fade train. As it is, it’ll be mid Oct when I get one next

I’m looking forward to becoming the [job title redacted] for Bavaria. Mind you, I’ve got a trip to Southend on Thursday, mustn’t grumble.

Carbs tonight are courtesy of a ratatouille pasta bake. Cheekster 1 made the ratatouille in school and Mrs CCB turned it into a bake. Very good indeed.

Nothing much else to report!


Got one in December last year and had football the next day. Proper whipping wind, chucking it down and close to freezing. Un-fun

I’ve really been enjoying your work trip pictures. Keep them coming please.

I’ve got a stinking cold and haven’t slept well for god knows how long but I think I’m just getting to that point where it’s more of a head cold and weirdly feels quite nice? Is that a thing? In a dopey, snotty, cosy sort of way.

Having some chorizo and butter bean stew tonight which can only add to the autumnal illness realness.

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My dinnertime carbs came in the form of noodles as part of a stir fry.

Not much going on. Watch a bit of telly. Up at 4am, so another early night for me.




Dinner tonight was Jacky P, which is basically one massive carb.

We currently have two mildly annoyed cats, because the cat flap’s shut. Don’t want a repeat of last night. I’ve been researching microchip cat flaps, and Lordy they’re expensive. Also, when did microchips stop being the things in computers and become the things implanted into cats? Some point on the late 90s I reckon

I finally have a green jumper so I’m happy to say I will be wearing more green from now on


My dinner was carb free (maybe? Idk) unless you count the sugars in bbq sauce. Which you do so it wasn’t.

Having a lasagne ready meal and listening to Frank Skinner. Hope for another early night tonight.

I’m gonna have fish pie with a damn bread roll or two. Carbs!


Tonight Show Agree GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Having chips and burger in a bun. Lovely carbs, serving in approx 15 minutes.

Can’t wait to sit under my blanket and watch some Only Connect

Already taken Billy out to tun around with his pals.

actually had a good work day woo

more boot indecisiveness

gonna make it to Oct before the heating goes on but suddenly its felt like it might be needed today, after being totally fine yesterday. Speedy seasons