Evening chicken

some form of breakfast for dinner


The king of dinners


hmm i believe i have frozen hashbrowns

could make this happen

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@scout don’t fucking start

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Balls. I had to listen to the song… Beforehand I wasn’t sure if I knew what it was either 1987 and with a music degree as well

Can’t be arsed making anything. Was going to have lemon and garlic spinach with Canellini beans and smoked haddock but I’ll have it tomorrow instead.

MN8 essential for any music qualification I’d have thought :star_struck:


@anon42112221 I don’t have time for this, I’ve got executive function training in 13 minutes but my desk is currently unusable as it’s covered in the detritus of me learning how to make tape loops, which partially explains why I need the executive function training

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was feeling okay earlier, feel foggy and tense rn

hard to stay in calm, clear mindsets where everything flows

think I’m gonna go play some easy-going basketball before the footy.

listening to this surprisingly mint album - Dawn Richard is all over it, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but I just realise Puffy was capable of good music until recently

proper vibes. 2010, but the production sounds fresh and distinctive. this is a broody bop

(@pichaelmarker you must know this)

need some fresh air, so imma head out

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hey bro, don’t make the poll if you can’t… take the toll? idk.

I’m sorry.

I had their album but it wasn’t like they had much of a legacy.

Which reminds me, I was reading their wiki a few weeks back and didn’t know that one of them was in star wars

Fush and chups for dinner again!

Hello all :wave:

Looks like it’s been a bit rainy in Edinburgh. Hope my flat hasn’t washed away…


I’ll take your toll.

11 minutes. Still got tape bits everywhere.

oh my days

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As you do

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Buono sera all

Had the emergency pizzas and garlic bread out the freezer for tea.

Going to watch the football and have a beer and some crips in a bit.

Alright? Long old day learning new stuff and selling beer then had to go to my parents house to set up my mum’s new phone. Leftover pulled pork wraps for tea with the game though so that’s nice.

Full kit wanker!

Great PE kit!

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Booked my wedding photographer! Shits getting real! :pleading_face:


Have I told you before that I’ve got that telescopic ladder? Because I’ve got that telescopic ladder.

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