Evening everybody

I had a weird dream last night where I went to America and was at some kinda big campus and met lots of people from years ago in my life and they were really happy to see me and I didn’t want to go home. In the end I was high-fiving Obama for some reason and he said he was proud of me.

I think I’m coming to the end of my life and my brain is saying goodbye to everyone in a strange way.

Evening Bam! I had a weird dream too where my brother was trying to bring about the apocalypse by mind controlling people into blowing things up using diet coke and mentos.

Off to Ikea this evening inspired by the earlier thread (or the fact that it only suits my flatmate to go tonight). I plan on only buying TWO things.

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Been visiting my dad. Ordered a takeaway pizza for him, me and my brother, and wow it was bad. It would make an italian cry. I feel like I’m stuffed with a big glob of dough.

thinking about stabbing myself

This is quite an extreme dream.

Seek help?

Hey Bam,

Watching this trio of films Ghost Dog, Fish Tank and Birdman. Though pretty tired so doubt I’ll make it through.

The pizza was real, man.

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I’m off to the doctors again this week :confused: I know there’s nothing they can do

alright gang?

watching a programme about orkney. hope it’s not all about rocks.

Evening Bammers. Feeling so much better having handed in my notice at work.

I hope you feel better man, you’re a real good egg :thumbsup:


now they’re talking about voles. it’s not very exciting.

I’m watching the Big Bash cricket highlights. The stumps light up on a direct hit!

Just got back to the flat after a fucking great weekend in Budapest!
Pizza has been ordered cos I can’t be fucked cooking

hello everyone, i hope you’re all well!!

Evening all,

Just ate Taco’s and am about to watch Hamburger Hill. Will probably read and practice some French on Duolingo before bed.



I’ve been googling to see whether we’re likely to pass a cooooombination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell when we’re in America next month. Just for the purposes of posting a pic on here, tbh

edit: nah never mind. it’s just garlic mayo.

anyway bam, is there anything we can do?

Nope, I bought SEVEN things, including only ONE of the things I came for. It was a lost cause. Ha, yeah that would have been funny but awful. There’s something about those places that drives everyone a bit crazy after a few minutes of being there.

no but thanks anyway