Evening everybody

Ça va LP?

I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Tom Hanks, it was lovely.

My neighbour just brought me round some chicken from his restaurant, then an hour later another neighbour brought me 2 slices of cake she’d baked <3

Going to bed soon I think.

I went into one whilst in the Bronx the other year. I didn’t sample the cuisine, just stole their WiFi…

Where are you off to in America?

How was Budapest?

i think your tv is haunted


More like hunted

I have a new favourite song btw

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Watching Jerry Maguire. But paused it to watch the end of the arsenal game

Ca va bien merci, et toi?!

Florida! My aunt and uncle live about two hours south of Tampa (well, they do in the winter) so we’re staying with them again. Going to go back to Kennedy Space Center :rocket:

Fatigué mais bon merci :slight_smile:

I have a theory, please criticise it or tell me if I’ve ripped it off, or just say I’m stupid

So it goes that people are basically happy with government as long as it looks after their substantive interests (security,healthcare, education, infrastructure). As long as these are looked after to an acceptable degree, people aren’t likely to revolt. When these interests are neglected, then revolution becomes possible

Not a history student or even particularly clued in on this stuff, but my examples have included

  • French Revolution partly caused by the anger of the peasants at the government policies that made food expensive

  • fall of ussr caused in part by popular discontent

  • Syrian civil war caused in part by drought which led to food being very expensive, along with growing inequality

Neglecting to look after the substantive interests of the population sets the stage for revolt, it is not the only factor but is a key one

Everyone please cut holes in this

Bit of winter sun, eh? Sounds lovely!

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a Pizza Hut / Taco Bell. The one I went to also had a Dunkin’ Donuts. Got your three courses all in one place right there!

Just had my evening spoon of butter and im off to bed. Night


Went for a swim, did 40 lengths (too many people in the pool)
Chilling out now, might read some more of the new Jack Reacher in a bit.


Somebody wasn’t totally thrilled when i had to pop out this evening.