Evening folks

Feeling really sad because next door want to have the foxes exterminated on my property and I don’t know what to do.

Please cheer me up :frowning:

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Are they even allowed to do that? Threaten them with letters written on adorable fox stationary


Apparently it is legal as long as they inform the police and use a qualified marksman, it’s actually illegal to trap and release foxes though

:frowning_face: you could maybe consult an animal rights charity who will know more about the legislation and any loopholes?

These lads always cheer me up hope they help u out

Do they have chickens that keep getting eaten or something. Can’t think why people would want lovely foxes killed.
I am watching Barry Lyndon, getting an Indian takeaway and having a gin and ginger beer

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They’ve booked to have it done tomorrow so I think I’m a bit fucked. Gonna just spend the rest of my life hating myself I think

Apparently they’ve got a rat problem right now and the foxes are getting into their garden causing havoc to try and get at them. I hate having a garden, wish I just had. Tiny slab of concrete outside

Not your fault - still try the charity, they may have some useful last minute input

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They’re getting rid of the animal that might get rid of their rat problem?!
Is their den on your property? Just say no. Leave out loads of dog food outside their den so they spend the whole day there

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Ugh how awful @Bamnan. Here is a picture of a gorgeous dog.


Their den isn’t on my property I think it’s in my other neighbour’s garden

Thanks x

Gonna get some alcohol hope that cheers me up


Get something super delicious that you’ll really enjoy :kissing_heart:

Finished my hard potatoes and hard brocolli.

Hi everyone :wave:

Bam that’s really shitty, have a few beers and try and take your mind off it.

My loooooong week is over, thank fuck. Had some maple syrup & mustard pork belly for tea, now more Veep and moaning about how much my back hurts.

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Made pasta primavera. Asparagus was well woody and hard. Disappointing. Also was going to watch the cycling highlights, but the tennis is overrunning so now I cba. Gonna have a shower and go bed probs

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I think any asparagus larger than 2mm diameter is rubbish. Don’t go to bed though, the night is totally redeemable x

Bam give these guys a call.


They are quite local to me and they rescue foxes. If they are too far away they’ll offer advice or point you in the right direction.