Evening folks

Made a chicken panang curry which was ok. Going to go for a walk and then pack for a little trip to Guildford.

Feeling a bit smug as I’ve managed to combine 2 London trips into 1 which will save me about 12 train hours in a couple of weeks time.

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I was up before 4 (fucking kid babbling away) and am at work for 6am tomorrow. Reckon shower and bed is a good bet.

Had fine asparagus, so pretty thin stalked, but from Aldi, do probably not the best quality. Was Brexit asparagus mind.


I’ve got some wine on the go. Eased the headache very well :grin:

Got to go into work tomorrow to get stuff done but hopefully then it’ll be all rest until Monday

What you doing in Guildford?

Loved this Veep series. Ridiculous stuff


We watched the first 5 ages ago, now we’re rewatching it seeing as its finished. On Season 5 at the moment. It’s so so good. Ben :heart: oh and Richard Splett.

Working :woman_shrugging:

I think I might buy a wicker rocking chair.

How long for?

Why is it near your work?

Close enough. Is an easy trip over.

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Well my train arrives at 18:57 tomorrow night if that fits in with your schedule? I’m returning home straight away on Thursday night.


Probably not then. Thats a whistle stop tour

Bummer. It’s a one off too.

Evening Bam and pals,

Please don’t beat yourself up about the foxes. It’s not your fault your neighbours are dicks. I love foxes. I have a fox onesie.

Had delicious leftovers today. Burrito for lunch AND dinner.

Still haven’t actually commenced packing as I’ve been IPLing my legs and other faffing.

  • Take your sports bra, you ARE now the type of person who uses the hotel gym on holiday.
  • As if you’ll work out on holiday, you’ll be either drunk or hungover or tired or reading or swimming.

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I like the foxes too but now I feel responsible for their deaths :frowning:

You’re absolutely not, though x

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If you take it it will just taunt you from the suitcase and make you feel guilty. Just swim instead.

I finish at 3, and will have a few evening baby bits to do as my partner is working tomorrow night. Am off Thursday, but need to be back in Winch for 3.

One day!