Evening for today


Hello :wave:

:wine_glass: :soccer: then catch up on :cake: for me
Glass of wine whilst watching the footy then bake off for me
Not sure about tea… had something to eat about 2:30 so in limbo meal wise :confused:
How you doing?


Gonna have a stir fry, use up some veg. Have a couple of beers and watch bake off probably. Nothing major.


Hello eveningers. I’m gonna eat some tea, take a bath and go to bed. I’m an absolute state today.


Evening mwt.

Him indoors has become him in hospital :worried: Apparently he’s just eaten loads of rhubarb though so hopefully he won’t be kept in much longer :crossed_fingers:




Your suffering makes me feel better about having to bail on pint plans.

I have a meeting 6:30-7:30 then grabbing some dinner with my colleagues.


Eating rhubarb can put you in hospital? :open_mouth:


:joy: what i meant was that he’s been in hospital but has recently managed to eat so that might mean he’s well enough to come home. I’M TIRED OK.


been to a dog cafe which was obviously brilliant but also felt a bit like how I imagine the dynamic in a gentleman’s club would be
had my eye on the teacup yorkie but this one was good enough


:joy::joy::joy::joy: oh thank god, I thought I’d have to give up rhubarb. Glad he’s ok :grinning:


tbh even if rhubarb could put you in hospital I’d still take the risk. fuck giving up rhubarb.


oh god. this has just reminded me of the time Alan Titchmarsh was air-lifted to hospital after gorging on fish and chips and easter eggs :joy::joy::joy:


Oh yeah i’d have been absolutely hopeless company tonight! Probably for the best.


I hadn’t heard of that one! But I do remember when Brian Harvie got run over for eating too much baked potato :smiley:


Did you guys continue after I left or something?


Makes it sound like Tony Mortimer was punishing him or something


Absolutely hideous day. Really struggling at work and it seems to have come out of the blue. On a temp contract so a bit worried they’ll just ditch me. Argh.


wishing you a better day for tomorrow!


It is a shame as I could have made it tonight after all. We could have talked about Iain M Banks and everything!
But, it’s fine. I’m quite happy here in my flat boiling potatoes and talking to a fly.