Evening for today

^ me right now

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Alright stranger! Splatoon soon?

I’ve paid a nanny to sit with Jnr for two hours in the other room whilst I play Stardew Valley in my bedroom. That’s cool, right? (It’s so I can do my lecture but I’ve kind of flaked as I’ve not read the book, again)

On a Twitter tirade to bring down the guy who stole from me over summer.

I had bangers and mash with onion gravy for dinner.


Evening all. Just had a pleasant exchange with our landlord, drinking a cup of tea and eating some Dairy Milk with bits of Crunchie in it. 7/10 I’d say.

Will hopefully see Cork City win the league tonight. It’s on telly so that’s a rare treat.

Got a document to finish writing, but eeehhhhhh can’t be bothered really.

I had another half


Making a curry. Listening to Pearl Jam motherfuckers (@sadpunk @anon50098204)


hey scout! :slight_smile:

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Alright m_w_t et al. Having snag tagliatelle for dins, got some lemon curd buns from M&S for afters.

Gonna watch the Spuds game on the laptop and feign interest in the Bake Off on the tv with the tv.

Will drink approximately 2 dead pony clubs.

Computer World is the most fucking banging album ever.


Hey Scout,
Bangers, mash and onion gravy…that’s all I want to eat now :grinning:

I like the bit where Rupert everett hits out with say a little prayer


Gave my old housemate ‘Trans Europe Express’, ‘The Man Machine’ and ‘Computer World’ on CD for her car recently and she’s absolutely loving them. Don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like Kraftwerk.


feel better soon kermy!

You need some happy music or something. What’s your go-to fun album?

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I’ve been temping the last few months, find it quite invigorating being able to bail at the first sign of trouble and never really engaging in anything. But the general precarious nature of it and feeling disposable/uselessness is pretty soul crushing. No winning is there?

I’ve had it two nights in a row with loads of green beans too. Think I could drink gravy and be ok with it.


If I ever did I’d make a point of unmeeting them

Hi Bam! How you keeping?

Seeing Hurray For The Riff Raff at Koko. Should be fun despite it being at Koko.

everything’s just so clinical and pristine I love it. Reckon Minimum Maximum is the best live album I’ve ever heard.