Evening Friday thready

What say ye?

Sorted the garage out today. Flat is a bit of a mess but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Not much in food wise. Tempted to nip to the coop otherwise itll be misery pasta

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Owt on the telly tonight?
Might watch a film :thinking:

SFPP then penis/empire biscuit for me

Taking advantage of the rear coach declassification

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Evening all,

Git a bit of an unwarranted grump on and it’s frustrating all round. On the plus side, I’m doing the first round of cooking for the chips we’re having later. Look, there they are!


Love a bit of rear coach declassification

Also having chips, oven ones though.

Had full on day of training so now worn out and looking forward to rubbish telly and a gin and tonic later.

Happy half term!!


Had a really long, irksome day at work so might get some wine open. Pork belly, chips and peas for tea and some hugely trashy tv is in order I reckon.

The Guardian said they want to send a writer on one of my tours. Hope they bloody like it.

Also, got a sneak peek at the MIF line up today. Looks decent depending on what exactly some of the big names are doing.


Wink twice if autechre are playing :laughing:

bloody hell, parents are asking for my xmas $$ contribution for NEXT xmas already. fucking rinsing me dry mates.

dunno, might go out for a beer or something

Toad in the hole is in the oven.

I think my football game tomorrow is cancelled so I’ll probably drink beers and watch a film.

I’ve been offered an interview for an internal promotion I said I definitely wasn’t applying for. I’m concerned I’m the only one that applied.

Outside The Pilcrow with 2 halves of ale.

Manchester is warm today.

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Back yourself Keith


Ha. Not that i noticed

Im on a train to London to see the band Spielbergs. Going on my own as no one else fancied it.

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Gonna be pretty annoyed if i dont see a Coronation Street actor.


Lasagne later for me, with garlic bread. It is Friday night after all. Might nip out for a sneaky pint after that, but my other half is off babysitting from 8.30, so might not have time.

Small person bathtime and bedtime first though.

Got fuck all in to eat really. Might have to nip to Sainsburys or somewhere. Can’t be fucked tbh.

Second night home alone and already bored out of my nut m9s, I’m terrible.

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On the train to Edinburgh. Going out for Indian food with some pals.