Evening guys!


How’s your Monday been treating you?


I’ve been spending the last few hours on my entry to the Christmas song challenge. It’s turning out really well so far! Totally different from what I’d originally planned, but that’s what always happens to be honest.

I’ll probably play on the new Deus Ex for a bit later on as well. Really into that game. Sneaking around is fun.


Also, how’s you, Bam? :smiley:


Hey bam and manchy-b!

On a call with my US colleagues. Silly San Francisco timezone. Then gonna make a goan prawn curry.

TV had an interview for a job up near Leeds today. Sounds like it went well, so hoping their HR get their acts together and let her know before that Christmas. This would be an exciting life development as it means leaving the big smoke.

Think that’s all.


I wish I was goan to your place for tea


Where was it for?

(dm if you prefer)


In a shit hotel in the East Midlands. Was going to have the rarest of treats - a bath. No bath.


Can you see the television whilst sat on the toilet ?


I was contemplating having a bath today but it looks quite dirty and i cba cleaning it


No but the bathroom does have a door with two closing points. One usual and another if you push it the other way to isolate the shitter. Ingenious.


yeah I did one too:


I hope it’s ok?


That’s the worst, man. Love treating myself to a bath ‘on the road’


Please do!


Still cleaning whilst hanging out with this sexy mofo…


Nearly fainted for the second time in the row after giving blood :frowning2: which means that they don’t want me to donate again for the near future :frowning2: however, I do get to put my feet up on the sofa :slight_smile:


did 75% of my christmas shopping today, pretty good going. just got a couple bits of bullshit to pick up tomorrow and some beer and that. spent £50 on cheese today. jfc.

wife is going out tonight so i’m gonna get a pizza and beer and play video games all night, obviously.


Oh fuck zxcvbnm is up to his old tricks again. Leave other people’s partners alone!


What game are you playing Eric?


currently replaying silent hill 3, also started resident evil 5 but it’s pretty terrible.


Hey all.

Back at the parents, watching trashy tv, Christmas as begun.

Might go the pub to watch ‘Merseyside Monday’ (irrationally annoyed by that name) if any pals are going.