Evening: in before anyone else

Plans? Storms?

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same plans as every night

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Same bam, same.


It’s windy outside.

I’m playing football at 8.00.

Try to take over the world?


which side of Manchester do you play for again?


feeling pretty down at the moment to be honest, not really enough to post in the mental health thread but I don’t really have anywhere else/anyone else to say it to so yeah


Also I have clean sheets, an Easter egg and M is already asleep.

(And there was a storm earlier and I love storms)



Hi! Going to drink some ciders and watch TV and eat some cheese and biscuits for tea cause we had our big meal at lunchtime. Tired out still, been a good day off today though.

Storm has passed by already here and it’s sunny and breezy and lovely.

Good evening,

I really need a wee but can’t move as Winnie has just settled herself down up against me.

Fajitas for dinner, made by @Avery so I could sit and read :purple_heart:

Feeling a bit better than I was earlier, mostly thanks to lovely people on here being lovely.


Going to move some gear around town. Might stick my head into a gig too. Absolute shithouse day at work but I just had pecans for the first time and they were good!

Alright, Pablo Escobar.


Sending you good vibes @Bamnan. Here if you need to chat.

Ive got marksies sandwiches and a cup of tea to see me thru the next couple of hours.


Got caught in that cycling home. Was funny as fuck. Me and this lass were just laughing at each other at a red light. Then it just stopped. :laughing:


I need a beer…

I saw you arrive home as we were hanging out the window to get a good view and noticed you had a massive grin.

I cycled in a storm once and a guy on Deansgate decided it’d be funny to also drive through a huge puddle and drench me. Made no difference at that point at least.

Also…love running in a storm as long as it’s warm out.

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Can’t be arsed m8s, can’t be arsed.

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think I’ve got the Madge Lurgy ffs

Come ‘er you :hugs:

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Oh FFS. I’m all out of chai.

Cancel Wednesday.