Evening is upon on us

Come in and know the evening thread, man.

What’s up?

Been waiting for 3 weeks for a particular Chinese to open. Tonight is the night!

Soaked from the school run, feel really bad for the delivery driver :confused:


Hello Scouty! Hello whoever else posts after this.

Not been around for a few days due to being busy as all fuck at work and tired right out. What’s been going on?

Having breakfast for dinner and I’m very happy about it.


Someone stole my sex toy.

We all relived our childhood traumas.


What a rollercoaster!

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Will work be busy until Xmas now?

Yeah the shop will be but orders through the website (that I’m solely responsible for processing, packing and shipping) should slow down next week, been going in at 7am every day just to get a head start. Worked 11 hours stood up outside on our stand at a Christmas fair last weekend too just in case I hadn’t done enough.

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Microwave curry for tea tonight, I reckon.


Good luck funky, Xmas beer elf.




Meeting my boss for dinner and discussions about my future which had better be positive or I’m not having a dessert.

Gonna have steak I think.

I’ve proper thrown some shit around work to try and force some conversations the last few days so I might even get a bollocking and be told to shut up and behave.

Eating at 20.45 as well. Far too continental

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been invited to some black tie event shindig tonight, could do without it but hey ho. haven’t tried to tie a bow tie in about 3 years so i reckon at least 15 frustrating minutes till i get it done. :slight_smile:

hey @Funkhouser could to see you back :+1:


Swerved norovirus all last week and weekend as it rampaged through the family. They’ve been fine for days. Now I’ve got it - how?

Also, I feel like complete toilet.

That’s basically tomorrow breakfast.


Going to have the same tea as last night but having a drink too tonight

Might have a mate popping round later which is good

Im well dozy - gonna be an early night I think, followed by an early wake up thanks to the boooze

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why didn’t i buy dinner when i was at the shop earlier now i have to go back out again

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Pre drinking before an important discussion where drink is involved is a bad idea right

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This is not okay.

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I had a day long meeting, and now my brain is fried. Curry for dinner, but not from the closest place which just got a Zero food hygiene rating. How bad do you have to be to get a zero? Shame, cos they were delicious.


Those food ratings are bullshit tbf