Evening, I've been waiting for you

Hi :wave:

What’s happening?

Why is it so quiet here lately?

I’m counting down the hours until the talk with the ravenmaster. 11pm! I hope he has a raven on his shoulder and I hope its Branwen :blush:

Do you know who’s a cool guy with a cool flat who doesn’t get enough acknowledgement? Roger. I think about his messy house and his instruments all the time.

Cons: heavy smoker, possibly a Tory (though possibly joined as a means to bring down fox hunting from the inside).


Still in bits about the Val Kilmer doc tbh. Might have a jasmine tea and make a start on Yellowjackets.


Hi , anxiety a bit shit tonight - the fact the apprentice is on later is my shining beacon of well being which is a bit depressing

Gonna have spinach and chick pea curry and rice for tea (batch cook from the freezer so low effort)

Yeah love Roger.

Here’s tea.


Whilst being confused by some of the replies in the great things thread I just made a burger in a bagel for dinner after not eating a proper lunch.

Just did a bit of light clicktivism if anyone else fancies it


Got a sentence stuck in my head


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I barely feel human any more but I love micromanaging, hyper planning and overseeing things. Feel v important.

However really must not be on DiS during work hours for next three weeks, idk what I was thinking with the ApprentDiS nonsense. I will do some kind of individual episode thing in future but not now

Bestie coming over in a bit

Men are terrible at responding to messages

Wanna sleep tbh


Oh yeah I might watch that and save Yellowjackets for another time. Even though I absolutely hate it :smile:

Sorry about the anxiety :confused:

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I appreciate you thinking you could release it in here

(I’m afraid you actually can’t)

Decided to nip out for a pint. Actually 2.
Gonna go home shortly and make a big bowl of pasta. Today has been long. Probably tan the jasmine tea later masel as well :+1:


Hey I watched that Val Kilmer doc over Xmas and then started Yellowjackets directly after it!

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Oh sorry, I’ll redact it.

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Roger is MUCH more of a Tory in the live action Dalmatian films

Anyway, fajitas for dinner, they were great, and I’m luxuriating in my new jeans, which were half price at the Levi shop earlier

No plans, because no plans is my thing nowadays


Yeah I like how he’s a bit more of a Leonard Rossiter type in the animation, well, his flat is very Rising Damp anyway

Why do you think this has happened to us? And what did you think about the doc?

My friend went out with VK for a period of time. I don’t know what the documentary reveals.


It might be a timing thing - a composer probably could afford a flat in central London with the dates of the cartoon, but in the last ten years tying up with the live action? No way, Jose!

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Wow! I started a thread about it earlier…doesn’t really reveal anything unless you didn’t know he had throat cancer.

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Hello. Very boring day. Currently eating butter chicken (sauce out of a jar but pretty good), rice and garlic & coriander naan for tea and watching Seinfeld. 1 day of work left until 9 days off.


I think its probably down to an algorithm somewhere or other, it usually is! Am I right! Hahahahaha!

I found the doc very moving, it’s kind of wild and off-putting to me that anyone would have that much footage of themselves though and I find that makes me unduly judgemental to a degree. I’ve always found him properly fascinating. That thing where actors are more wired to interesting character work but too handsome to ever be cast believably in the roles they’d be good at is really heartbreaking to me in a weird way.

Reckon there’s any mileage in something* called Algorhythm?

*thing TBD.