Evening (late!)

Hi! How’s it going?

played football, too hot for that. absolutely fucked. gonna have a tinnie in the garden.


it’s nice today, yesterday wasn’t nice but today ooh is it nice

been sat drinking cider and reading a book about the manhatten project on the roof. now I’m going to the gym! what a day

Evening all. Had an absolute 10/10 shower and there’s just a bit of breeze to make it bearable.


Did a spot of noodle shopping and public art research earlier then watched the tooth fairy teen titans episode thanks to @keith

I have a lot of work tonight and I’ll be honest, I don’t wanna. Just want to listen to all my lovely voicenotes and write.

Fancy a night chai.


I’d like this but with baked beans instead (branston of course)


gettin fuckin sushi

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Having pasta parcels cause lazy

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Having fuckin non alco beero

Gotta be in Ipswich for 9am tomorrow. Best go to bed soon. Won’t sleep though

Ordered new Vans, on a roll

Had some hummus on toast for tea



Bit cooler today/tonight. Had a few refreshing drops of rain as the day went on as well.

Had eggy bennos for tea and a Biscoff ice cream for pudding.

Going to take doglet for a quick spin shortly.

Hoping for a better night’s sleep as I have grand plans of one sort or another for tomorrow.

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Worked late doing a tour/tasting with the chairman of something called the international travel writers alliance, which was nice. Made very good steak burritos for tea, accompanied by possibly the best side I’ve ever concocted. It’s gone unbearably warm again, might go and stand under the hosepipe.

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Don’t hold out on us!

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Evening all!

I’ve had a nice day including some disco, an iced coffee, a tasty pile of roast veg and tahini and The Child falling asleep quite early.

We’re going to try to book flights to SA tonight while watching another epic episode of The Strangest Things Of All. I’d rather be watching Teen Titans Go if I’m honest.


Just seeing if anyone was paying attention.

Par-boiled some cut up new potatoes then roasted them in olive oil, garlic and paprika till they were all crispy, then melted some moozarell on top.


That’s a name I haven’t heard in years.

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Feeling a bit gloomy tbh. Normally I can shake it but it’s lingering like a bad smell.
Gonna make some cheese on toast and watch love island and get into bed with my kitten.

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