Evening monday thread

Wuu2? been gym, gonna eat some chicken, might go pub.

got some shite temp work sorted today which should sort me out until I go back to Spain in August, which is a relief.


That’s really good news mate. You staying in London for the foreseeable?

Had a totally non event of a day. Took kiddo to the docs for a pointless appointment. Played, watched CBeebies, had lunch, tidied up, then cleared out of the house for 2hrs whilst a load of prospective tenants looked at out gaff. Now giving kiddo late tea and then getting ours on the go.

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still in the office. not really been able to concentrate much today and i’m not in tomorrow so am currently getting a bit anxious.

think my mum is cooking pasta and i asked if it could have veggies in it - she went full GARLIC BREAD?? at me about it


back at my parents in 'mere. London has been cancelled.

The best example of this in my family is still my stepdad going “SOY SAUCE on yer CHINESE??!” when I added some to a takeaway chow mein. jfc.


Hi! I’m feeling really quite down in the dumps today, terrible weather in Clitheroe and sheer boredom. But booked a flight to Berlin in May and going to visit friends in Dresden and the Czech Republic so surely that’s gotta do something to cheer me up.

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Would be good to catch up for a drink/coffee/whatever at some point

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Dresden is decent. Spent a week there a decade or so ago and loved it.

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late march would hopefully be good for me :slight_smile:

who was it that likes this? was it @anon34135029?

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Hiddy ho, off the rest of the week. Might buy a dressing gown and just trounce around the house in it until Sunday.


Being offered a free (nice!) sandwich from a cafe at closing time

  • That’s dinner sorted then!
  • Bit sad, don’t you want to cook yourself something?

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We got lost in Hydon’s Ball yesterday if you know that? In the woods. Was shit.

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Magenta isn’t real.



Evening all

Got a heavily reduced Charlie b’s lasagna for 2 in the oven, going to have it with some peas and Better Call Saul

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  • Charlie Bingham
  • Charlie Bigham

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Better Call Saul-sage

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Hey hey had to do cross country after school so am now knacked. Going to make some spicy rice and southern Quorn nuggets and then wait for the big match.