Evening (Monday)

Juat got on a train, temp seems to have dropped again was freezing, waiting.

Forgot to buy any sweets.

Baby’s are very warm is my astute observation of the day.
May post a pic if my sis sends them on. My niece calling him Baby No Name was pretty funny though.


Alright unlucky. Babies are very warm, your observations are correct. I’ve fed mine and about to start the bedtime routine. Having baked aubergine, Greek salad and charred peppers. Should be nice. Currently listening to Neon Bible. Good album, reminds me of Reading 2007

On a train back to London, trying not to eat too many of these.


Hey Unlucky and etc.

I’m on the bus home from the horses (won big). Not going to see that old film tonight after all, as it is starting right now. I rode two horses today though and one is really testing my patience, so I’m happy to be heading straight home.

Hoping I have enough different food components at home to make a decent dinner.

Also just found out this bus will no longer be running every 15 minutes in the daytime anymore, only every 30 mins like it does in the evenings. Bummer.

Really want some baby cuddles now! Getting somw cuddles from a 15 month old GBOL tomorrow, but not a baby baby.

Went in the Arcade Fire thread for the first time yesterdat, saw @andyvine with a terrible Neon Bible opinion, would have blanked him at the gig if id gave seen it before.

The baby shat on my sisters friend and pissed in my sister’s face. Very funny.



plasticmike’s due back a bit later this evening, I’m so so glad tbqh, so so glad.

Gonna make some daal I think. And a cup of tea.



Making some roasted vegetables and lindamc fake meatball spaghetti.

Went on a good walk today despite the mud and rain.



Yes, exactly like that!

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my sister has been going fucking nuts over these :smiley:

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gonna cook some food and then watch some tv. so excited about a very lazy night ahead.

Just eaten a toasted sandwich and drinking a 12 year old single malt glenfiddich…with Aldi coke.

Quality docs

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Home for a week because of inter-flat issues. Came home to meatballs and pasta, garlic bread and homemade passion fruit cheesecake. What a welcome! Football tonight probably and will raid the baileys.

Evening all,

Had a busy and frustrating day and then started thinking i was getting to a solution and now i think I’ve come up with more problems. I also think I’ve been lied to about some of it, so i’m going to have to explain why they were lying and get them to tell me something more truthful.
Got leftover pie for dinner. And there’s more crumble too. Can’t wait.

@Unlucky baby warmth is the best warmth. I also like how light they are and also how wriggly.

Babynoname seems like a good contender for permanent name.

yes! :+1:


Just read on the side of irn bru it says ‘may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children’ never noticed that before.