Evening of Friday



@ericthefourth fill yer booooots

Big starting OP from me. Just got perma-loaned an electric guitar by a bookshop customer and it has turned the day around a million percent


hi xylo!

Did you find your wallet?


i didn’t :frowning: BUT see my edit to the OP above!!!

  • wife is making hot toddies
  • vietnamese food ordered
  • playing FFVII

:slightly_smiling_face: / :dark_sunglasses:



you’ve utterly crushed this evening.


What’s in the viet order boss?



Drinking a beer
Might eat a dr oetker, they were 3 for €5
Might go play glow in the dark mini golf or just keep lying on the couch drinking a beer
Any interview tips for Monday? Kind of too excited to prepare properly


what did you get man?


aww thats great :smiley: what is it??


Gonna crack a can in a sec. Gonna make some veggie filo pies later and finish my book.

:beer: (no pie emoji, for shame) :open_book:


spicy soup
salt chilli tofu
bun w/ tofu



he’s gonna leave us high and dry man, I can tell.

edit. nvm


Lovely stuff.


Just got home and can hear a fucking almighty racket coming from upstairs, sounds like they’re putting down carpet or some shit. Good job I’m about to go out.


this hot toddy is burning my sore throat in a really pleasing way


I’m tremendously bad at interviews but I will wish you all the luck gp!


Dr oetker eh?! :thinking::thinking::thinking:that could be a great shout


get some manuka honey down ya for that sore throat bud
umf 25+ ideally
miracle stuff!


I hate feeling happy because it makes me really sad that it’s going to end.

I’m a bit of a weirdo


no i get this sometimes. like that weird feeling of pre-emptive disappointment