Evening of Friday

Oh shit. Hope it’s nothing awful.

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I mean, I’ve heard proper bombs before (I was on Brick Lane when the Brick Lane bomb went off) and this was loud but not very deep sounding, so probably not a massive device - if it was a bomb - but I guess that depends how far away it was

Seeing some breaking news now that it was an explosion on Södermalm but no details as yet

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This could mean anywhere between 2km & 10km away

This seems like it’s a house and they’re saying no injuries so fingers crossed that’s accurate: Södermalm: Kraftig explosion – hög smäll har hörts

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Yeah, that’s about 3km away

There was a very similar one last night in another part of town


Great day in Barcelona

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Oh really? That’s not good. Was the one last night a bomb?

What are you up to at the moment?

What did you do?

Yeah, seems so. A smallish home made device

There’s been a bit of a spate of them

Was in bed when it went off but now I’m a bit adrenalin awake & the helicopters are noisy

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Went to see just mustard. It was ace. Ready for bed now.


How the fuck has no one heard of Cadillac Records or Etta James

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Etta James is better than Aretha Franklin

Is this a dommoes?

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Yes it is!

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