Evening of that guy Thor (ft a French Pastry reminder for Avery)

Don’t care if this is too early. Tiler stayed for 3 hours, did half the job. Apparently he’ll be back tomorrow at 8, aye right. Looks alright and colour isn’t as dark as i feared.

Need to wait for the wife to get in before dinner. Felt that weak shaky way in terms of hunger so just gobbled a huge bar of chocolate.


Why isn’t this picture in the hob thread?

I’m a maverick.

Petition to get the title changed to include a reminder for me to take croissants out of the freezer

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A freezer is no place for croissants imo

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Baking bread. Good grief, sourdough is a Herculean effort. A tasty, tasty Herculean effort.


Hiya. What ya got planned?

Oh shit, can a @moderators merge or something?

Evening Tilts et al

First day back after six days leave. Wasn’t too bad - got most of the things done that I intended, and nearly finished a report that I’ve been worried about for ages.

Pizza tonight :pizza:


I’ve just been TUPEd into the other evening thread



Apologies @tilty, but I liked this thread title a little better.

Feeling a bit better today. Done the bad thing and ordered a McDonalds delivery for dinner so I don’t have to go out and can still have junk food.


You think you know who your friends are sheesh

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So that’s how that’s spelt

Evening DiS,

I’m off to a gig tonight, so that’ll be fun. I just picked up my bike from the bike shop and goodness me it’s chilly out there. I’ll be taking gloves with me, that’s for sure.

It feels like the start of the weekend already, even though I’ve got work (albeit from home) tomorrow.

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My housemate and his constantly present houseguest are away all weekend. From today. What a relief! House to myself for a full weekend, finally!

Oh but wait. I am also away all weekend. From tonight. What a fucking waste.

Genuinely outraged at the timing of this.


Oh man that is shite timing. Been there. I’m simmering with rage in sympathy


In the hospital, visiting my GF’s grandad. Grim enough. Heading to meet her sister afterwards, hopefully that’ll be better.

Went to the penoid shop but no one wants to play the same penoid game as me

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On the plus side I thought I was missing Richard Dawson tonight but found out its an early gig so gonna go and catch an hour or so of his set and just leave early

More gigs should be early if you ask me.