Evening of that guy Thor (ft a French Pastry reminder for Avery)

They were frozen as dough, it’s a trick of the trade

The proximity to work is usually a plus, yeah

Thanks @shinymcshine and, um @anon76851889, i think


Off to Edinburgh for a stag tomorrow and the weather looks absolutely shocking. Great.

Want to wear my nice jacket but worried about getting it soaked. Should probably wear my less nice jacket that I’m fine with getting soaked but I look less good in.

  • Style
  • Practicality

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Buying ketchup!

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They’ve had stag t-shirts made up so style is already hanging by a thread tbh

Oh god.

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Free food that had been left over from a funeral wake at the local.


Didn’t realise you weren’t feeling good, mate.

Much love xx

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Envy him tbh

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Please tell me details so I can keep An eyeball on the look out. Know where you’ll be going?

Enjoy The Three Sisters


Why did I even bother asking.

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Finished my album today :slight_smile:


I went with ketchup but it was a tough decision

No idea really, they keep asking me for recommendations but I only know Fringe venues and a couple of wanker beer places (they’re not that kind of crowd)

Grassmarket has been mentioned a few times so well probably be in that general vicinity a lot. Staying near Princes Street

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Going to my friends where we will eat carbonara and watch four episodes of Love is Blind back to back

I hope you all have a lovely evening



I hope it’s not too jazzy for you!