Evening of the 4th of July 🇺🇸

Feel a bit ill from sitting indoors and playing computer games all day. Hotdogs and sweet potato fries for tea though, woo.

How you celebrating your independence day evening, huns?

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got deputy dawgs for dinner too, but didn’t realize it was independence day.


What kinda dawgs you rockin, dawg

Evening all. Just heading home - it’s been a long day. Gorgeous evening though isn’t it? I might watch some Glasto on catch up, not sure what else.

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standard pork ones in a bun. usually buy veggie ones tbh as they’re a bit nicer, but y’know, spain.

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Watching some tennis, having a profk fritatta for tea

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Doing some work in the gym lounge before driving up to Manchester (trying to avoid rush hour traffic). Had a wrap with halloumi, houmous, peppers and sweet chilli sauce with sweet potato fries. It was delicious but I’m not sure how I feel about hot houmous. Not looking forward to either the drive or tomorrow or next week for that matter but it is almost the weekend so silver linings…

Happy 4th of July @NeilYoung

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Seems a bit hot for cauliflower cheese, but thats whats happening


Hot dogs were on the menu but I ordered a ‘chickn’ kebab’. Feel foolish.

Had a couple of thirds of sludge with lovely @guntrip


Are you watching Nadal v kyrgios this is super gripping

Making a shakshuka and having a cider. GF has gone for a drink so waiting for her to rock in at some point.

I love Nick. So fucking blasé


Love love love when tennis is good like this

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If you’ll excuse the pun!


need to aldi

need to prep bike for tomorrow / Saturday


Stuck on the bus on the A2 because thick cunts can’t drive and get into crashes.

he’s such a wanker. hope rafa finishes up quick and wipes the floor with him.

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Aww, shucks. Got your train ok? Had a moment of tense and irrational paranoia after I got home that I’d given you completely terrible directions.

I forgot to ask what Junk It Up was like - have walked past loads but never been in. Not the kebab, then?

Whoops I went out and just noticed my T-shirt has a big grease stain on it.

I’m on the train. Knew where I was at the top of the step :+1:

No the kebab was really good actually. The ‘hot wings’ were far too hot. (Also karma kebabs on south bridge in edinburgh is decent)

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