Evening of the 4th of July 🇺🇸

Hello friends :beers: :hamburger: :fireworks:
Had a right rubbish day. Amongst other annoying things hotel wanking man had his second hearing today and plead not guilty again so guess who’s gotta go and testify wooooo! In five months time woooooo!
Still. Sun is shining, went for a long walk up a hill with a friend, gonna have a rattlers and listen to more basement jaxx. Also forgot I ordered a massive black hoody that came today, which is lucky because that’s exactly what one needs during a heatwave. Nice hoody though, mind.

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?

Whoops I went out and just noticed my T-shirt has a big grease stain on it.

I’m on the train. Knew where I was at the top of the step :+1:

No the kebab was really good actually. The ‘hot wings’ were far too hot. (Also karma kebabs on south bridge in edinburgh is decent)

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Ordered a pizza, going to watch Star Trek and maybe play Mario Maker. Should probably start packing for the festival I’m going to tomorrow too.

I don’t know what is orange and sounds like a parrot?



Baby having an evening snooze on me as standard.


Made a tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies today. What did you do? 20190704_174546



Two oranges are at a bar, one turns to the other and says:

yr round!


Eyyyyy :smile: love jokes like this

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this is truly the future of SEO


I might watch the first paradise lost doc tonight, what a way to celebrate the US of A


Might have a wank

Take it to the filth thread

Left work at 5, still on the bus. Kill me now.

Evening EricV and chums,

I am on the exercise bike in the EVENING. because I was too lazy to get up early this morning but STILL, unprecedented and extremely sweaty times.

After 35 minutes more of futile pedaling, I’m going to call my elderly friend for a chat and then treat myself to a shower, a bit more reading and an early night.

Really fancy something sweet…


supposed to start my shift at 6:25, woke up at four in the afternoon. oh dear oh dear oh dear

Catch 22 on the box later


M9 where are you going to and from

Train person has just told everyone the line is blocked and to get off here, cba, just sat on the train