Evening of the Day of Mun

I’m cooking a curry for dinner, and it felt wrong to post about it in the daytime thread. So here you go: an evening thread.


Thanks. Whats in the Cuzza?

Just had Dad’s assorted veg from allotment soup.

Still a bit hungry so might have some chocolate or something

Drinking a watermelon pale ale.


Finishing up some work then will reheat dinner. Paella base plus some fresh prawns - not sure how the texture is gonna be on day 2.

Hopefully, done the last bit of housebuying admin for the solicitors.


Going round a mate’s house and he is cooking me food.

How long do you have to be friends with someone for you to be able to consider them an ATD?

Hey WR! and everyone.

I was going to start an evening thread an hour ago because I was excited about pouring myself a gin. I’ve barely drank half of it and I’m already a bit bored of it, meh.


I’m happy to take it off your hands.

My half drunk gin? Desperate times? :smiley:

I went in the sainsburys to see what exciting local beers they had and there was just the same old boring ones. So only have 1 beer now.

And half drunk is better than no gin at all.

To be fair it’s pretty big so my half is probably normal size. Nearly finished now, might pour another after all that indifference.

We drank that beer btw!! It was great! Really surprisingly dry! Thanks again

Hello. On the train to Durham. Its very cold on here

Had 2 reduced misery sandwiches from boots for tea

Not long back in from a day at the beach. Wee bit half cut and tired.
Think a wee snooze and then some food for me.

First day back was not too bad at all…

This morning was all like, right fit an dhealthy me starts now. Have since eaten load of Heroes, brownie, veggie sausage roll and chips and prob go for a snicker later. Next Monday huh??

Well jels of your gin @Witches


I’ll pour you one now slicky!! :slight_smile: would genuinely love to have a gin with you sometime, obvs.

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Assorted veg playing the main role, also added some fake chicken. With rice and garlic nan.

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Fine, I’ll take a full one. My bro has few different gins here but don’t think there is any tonic.

No bother, glad you enjoyed it.

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big fan of adding bread to soup like this. also do it with instant noodles - just throw a slice of bread in the bottom of the bowl, and lovely, soggy bread will be your reward.


also gws.




Cooking a butternut squash risotto, listening to Gabby’s World (Eskimeaux, Ó or whatever she’s called now). Tonight’s my Sunday night, so got the dreads pretty hard, and got to have a meeting with my new boss tomorrow. Meh