Evening of the Day of Mun

Hmm, hows about orange juice?

Please more watermelon details please.

Should probably rebrand as ‘a bit “meh”’ sandwiches.

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I don’t really orange juice as a mixer of spirits tbh.

I have done some rooting and there is
Fridge: a bottle of Cobra, some ginger beer
Cupboard: some jim beam I left here about 2 years ago, 4 x bottles of bass.

Jim Beam all the way.

No mixer required.

The wrap was really quite soggy

Yeah, me neither but y’know… desperate times!

I’d try ginger beer! That could be good. Ginger beer and jim beam? Ginger beer, jim beam and… cobra!?

In the same beer shop I resisted not buying a magic rock - vanilla and cinnamon bearded lady imperial stout and am a bit gutted I didn’t buy.

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trying to arrange a date for tomorrow. I’m so bad at organising things it’s painful

4th of September mate



Leftover Nigella’s sweet potato mac n cheese for tea. Followed by yogurt.

Here’s a yogurt question:

One of those big 500g pots of yogurt:

  • All in one go
  • Two servings :yum:
  • Three
  • Four+

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90% shit day. Keep losing my cool and shouting at R, which is obviously very bad. I am not cut out for toddler parenting. Too many changes going in rn.

Want a massive bar if dark chocolate, but the news agents doesn’t sell any other than that Bournville stuff which I hesitate to call dark chocolate.

Might watch something tonight rather than just read, but my book will probably be better than anything I can find on Netflix or iplayer tbh…

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why durham

I’m not sure anyone is cut out for toddler parenting, m88. Don’t beat yourself up.

Hey, had a bit of good dark chocolate last night. Can’t remember the brand but got it in Aldi’s. It’s with hazelnut. Very decent although it may benefit from 10 minutes in the fridge.


Getting ready for the big one on Saturday.


Haven’t done a jot of proper work today so far. Got 2 hours left to do something, everyone in my team has gone home which will either make productivity better…or worse.

Quite tempted to move round to the computer in the back corner and just read a book tbh. Maybe I’ll reward myself with that if I do a bit of work first

Only voted four plus as I mix it with granola and fruit for brekkie. On its own maybe 2?

Normally have it with fruit. Reckon it is a bit much for just two servings but I just can’t help myself (it’s Aldi’s Greek stuff, so so good)

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It was this little fellow. Not bad and only a quid or so. Fuckloads of nuts.


Yes it is