Evening of Thurs


What you up to?

Me: :pizza::pizza::pizza: + :tv::tv::tv:


I’ve got good news and bad news wr, which would you like first?


Bad first then good please


Drinking a glass of champagne. About to go for tapas. Wearing a fucking shirt. What pizza you having m8?


Bad news is I have to go to Ikea on Saturday morning :disappointed:


Good news is, I don’t have to go to Ikea tonight! :star_struck:


What’s the occasion for the champagne? The pizza is 4 cheeses


tonight will be a LOT less painful than saturday m69


Just been felt up so heavily by airport security I’m reconsidering my sexual orientation. :worried: Why do I always get picked on?!

@Jeremys_Iron you’re such a chump, ikea is amazing.


Feeling miserable mainly

Might watch telly


Wow there’s been some really terrible opinions on here lately laelfy.


Glad you’re prepared to admit it jezza


Had a stir fry :chopsticks: Got a blackberry, apple and ginger tea :tea:


Urgh I hate the security in airports

They always scan me for drugs for some reason.


What joy do you get out of ikea chief? I like putting the shit together and making my house look peng but schlepping around that gaff is pure hell.


I know its probably random but I seem to get it EVERY time. I don’t think I even remotely look dodgy either.


If you’re travelling alone I guess it’s a factor


Just chucked a two track IDM EP up on bandcamp because I keep getting over-excited about music. Really enjoying getting back in the groove, so to speak.
Writing some SQL and then will have to do some tidying of the house as we have guests tomorrow evening.


Dunno I like going when it’s empty and looking at stuff I don’t need. And meatballs.


Got period pains so just gonna eat instant noodles and watch a movie