Evening of Thurs


hello. back in california. ba lost my suitcase so I don’t have clean clothes. have also managed to blow up a motor and skin my thumb.

it’s going well


Scrambled egg and Quorn bacon sandwich for tea.

Off to yoga in ten.

I always like the idea of IKEA then I get there and it’s just so draining and hardwork.


Whatchu watching m9?


probably the 400 blows for the film club



I enjoyed paying £350 to get my car to pass it’s MOT earlier. I really did

Cooking pasta and big roasted mushrooms now - listening to Car Seat Headrest

Prob watch some more Marvellous Mrs Maisel later


Didn’t they lose it last time as well?


Just tried out a new, hyped up foundation (l’oreal pro glow) and it makes me look about 40 years old :scream: gonna give up trying to find anything else and just stick to my fave korean stuff in future.


Oh nice! I need to get on board with you guys in that thread, love me some Truffaut.


Size of your carbon footprint, man!

Hope they find your suitcase soon. Did you get money to buy new stuff?


Sat in a premier inn in Ipswich eating my tea


Ooo I missed that this is the next one.

Genuinely can’t remember if I’ve seen it or not


:pizza: :fries: :tv: :wine_glass: should do me fine for this evening.


Long ass day. But a nice positive one.

Having a ham and egg salad for tea, drinking a nice German dunkle beer.



TV bday


Defrosted my freezer like an actual grown up. Was actually really kind of fun


Cheers DiS!


Evening DiS. Shattered after work today. Will collect a Chelsea jersey a mate bought for me, then I’ll practice bass for a few hours followed by a pint so I can see herself in work. Bed early though, work should be busu tomorrow too.


@japes hi!!!

It’s 11:32am and I’m still in bed. Not sure what to do today. Was thinking of going to the farmers market and getting a burrito.


Alright @ericV


drinks with an old pal, a new pal and wifey. pleasing.