Evening of Tue

Getting in the bath.


eating melon

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Dddaaaawww cat :heart_eyes:

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No papa


Just made a Thai green curry with paste that was pretty out of date. It was fine, if a little salty. :grimacing:

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Gotta bath the dog which should be hilarious. Still feel mega sleepy and shit.

Feels later than it is.

Its chai time.

Well bored, need to get into a good book I think.

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Going to have a G&T and watch this.


Really really struggling at work at the moment. Just cba with it even though I should be

I thought I’d fixed my boiler a couple of days ago. But I didn’t. Shit

Lemsip in the bath :tea: :bath:

Little nibble of goats cheese, chai, biscuits, and really…oads of work :zzz: loads of it.

Need to start reminding myself that if I wasn’t working until the small hours I’d probably still be awake reading about someone I don’t even care about on Wikipedia. I keep imagining I’d be asleep and enjoying myself more

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I often end up reading random wiki articles at about 1-2am, don’t know why but it’s like this weird compulsive lower brain thing, just receiving knowledge for no reason that I will forget the next day.


Feel like proper shit but Guinness and sausage & mash has helped a little. No work tomorrow at least.

Don’t give a fuck if my cantaloupes seeded


Was looking at stuff about the Dutch trade monopoly with Japan in the 17th century yesterday

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You’ve got a week to read The Stepford Wives if you are still interested in book club.

I know I know it’s serious

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Watcha gonna read?

we want a new bingey netflix comedy show

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