Evening of Tues

Don’t think there was a thread yet???

How is everyone? I haven’t been on much in the last few days (including the weekend), did I miss anything terribly exciting?

Today I have done a lot less than I would like to, mostly due to various computer systems not being super cooperative.

Feel free to talk about pretty much anything you want, including but not limited to dinner plans and so on (pizza for me).

I feel really depressed cos I’m trying to mix my music and referencing it to “proper” stuff it sounds shit.

Just want to give up really (don’t give up bamnan!)

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hi wr. not bad, bit bored. had pasta for tea, now watching shit tv and drinking a cuppa.

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Probably going to read then have an early night \m/

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Went to Cheltenham today and FUCK ME the houses are amazing! Just wandered around for like an hour completely confused that parks and shit could be so well maintained and clean.

Then when I got back downed 3 double kraken and cokes and have nothing to do RN

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What you reading

At the gym, remembered my headphones and shorts this time.

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Done the ironing, need to do the washing up and put clothes away.

Then probably just listen to the west wing podcast until I follow asleep.

Probably should do some reading too but can’t be bothered.

For tea, I had Linda mac chorizo and red pepper sausages with roast parsnips and roast carrots.

they’re called horses



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good evening, russian of white and cetera of et

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Was going to see cloud nothing’s but couldn’t bring myself to leave my room, had a disappointing ready meal waitrose are the worst

I’ve hardly done anything today. Was supposed to meet up with a friend, but he slept in late and couldn’t make it, so I opted to make lounging around an art form.

Made me wish I hadn’t finished Dishonoured 2 this morning, cause that could’ve been a fun afternoon thing to do. On the plus side, I am happy in the knowledge that I have two short film scripts and some new music coming along nicely, so I don’t feel too guilty having done absolutely bugger all.

Thought I had some chocolate eggs but I don’t so may have to leave my room after all

Bought a pack of custard doughnuts from Sainsbury’s.
They’re absolutely rank - Pretty much saturated with oil (why isn’t there a throwing up emoji?)

Had home made burgers and spicy tayto wedges for tea.

After much deliberation, we booked a week in Turkey for May. Think the weather should be decent enough, but it’s a really nice hotel and was literally half the price of anywhere Caribbean, which means money for another trip (or other frivolity) leftover.

Alright all,
Watching legend, not bad so far. I’ll let you know how I get on with the rest of it

Was gonna cook cod but it smells off. Use by date is tomorrow so I’m livid. Evening ruined.

(i would probably eat them)

New mattress got delivered today so I am looking forward to sleeping on that.

Watched The Big Sleep earlier in preparation for my class on Thursday. I’d forgotten how much better the novel is.

Currently watching Tale of Tales which looks lovely.