Evening of Tuesd

Hey folks, how’s things?

I have nothing interesting to say, but I am interested in you, yes you there! Tell me about things.


Hello fl, all. Eating a samosa and leftover daal. Going to continue organising backups and hard drives into the evening :nerd_face:

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hey fl!

Out of training and into the fire tomorrow at work, so I’ll spend most of the night panicking.

Can’t stop eating dark chocolate

About to watch a film

That’s it, bye


Hi FL, all

I am fully committed to watching the darts this week. Am tempted to go, because tickets are massively undersold, but I’m a bit skint post-Christmas so it probably won’t happen.

Still got my headache. I guess having headaches all day is is just what I have to try to manage from now on :woman_shrugging:

Just made a quick chilli and swapped the rice for quinoa, yummy.

Got a turmeric chai tonight, love it but wish it didnt look like a cup–a-soup.

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Just finished off the big pot of ratatouille I made on Sunday, damn tasty. And I’m now damn full.
Gonna watch the two popes on Netflix :+1:


Evening FL, all,

I put the new bed together, but we didn’t managed to find any nice duvet covers. Where can you get nice duvet covers?


Doing a rich-t household staple for tea, leek and mushroom risotto. Off tomorrow, no beer in, may pop to the shop to grab some.



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At the gym, it’s rammed with newbies. I have my headphones on listening to Reuben for the first time in years.

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Got my current ones from Hema and they are really awesome.


slight headache agaaaaiiiin

not as bad as yesterday

I think adjusting from Christmas hol sleeping patterns to work sleeping patterns has fucked me up a bit

got to go to the shop just to get cheese. Seems so pointless


having a pint so i can read my book. too easily distracted at home.

i have only just noticed there is a DOG IN THE PUB


is it a good dog?

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looks like an excellent boy. springer spaniel i think. chilling out on a sofa.


Have checked into my nice big clean chain hotel room and I am very much enjoying the experience of solitude for the first time in two weeks. Plan to do absolutely nothing except maybe make it out to the hot tub.


dogs > pubs