evening of weddensday; a thread

woss gahn on?

think i’m gonna do a workout (urggg) followed by making a large amount of misery pasta (urgggg) but then have a nice phone call planned later.

never seen top gun but think the marketing is slowly worming its way into my brain. might watch it later.


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Enjoying the sun, love a bit of 6pm sunshine, it’s still a novelty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Dismantled some more furniture this afternoon.

Need to defrost the freezer tomorrow so for dinner I’m basically cooking everything that was left in the freezer.

Need to take the dog for a walk after dinner. @avocado we had a lovely walk in the sun yesterday evening, it’s a bit grey here tonight sadly.

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I am so incredibly tired that getting into bed will be the highlight of my evening.

Might watch a film whilst I eat dinner.


Just had a 1.5 hour successful mortgage application Zoom appointment :champagne:

Got SF chicken & ‘cheese’ baguettes and hash browns for tea, probably with a beer. Also in the incredibly tired club.


Check this out


This looks horrific. Lose the cucumber and mandarin (?) though and I’d be very interested.

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Finished work, eaten, off to work #die

Are those prawns or tomatoes with mayo?

May the fish be with you.

According to the poster it’s mandarin for some reason.

I read it 3 times and still my brain didn’t take in the mandarin


Rainbow for dinner, imo


Yeah I didn’t want to believe it either.

The big chicory and the oranges :sob:

Well I’m here to say I’d eat it all but the fish. And the mayo. Fruit salad sandwich for me please Yoda.


Evening :croissant:*

Going to drag my sorry butt over to meet a very handsome neighbourhood hunk** shortly. Hope he likes me!

Have to do a fair bit of work tonight but that’s not going to happen, and I have some nicer things planned :yum: Whatever happens, its happening from bed.

*one croissant = one summer evening moon
** Oscar the cat


Evening all!

I had a pretty good day of striking, household admin and robot fighting. I did none of my research grant paperwork or gardening (but it has been raining all day).

I made a farm pie with sheep and trees* and The Child was reluctant to try eat it until I named all of the sheep.

I’m going to see Kim Gordon tonight - luckily I remembered I had the ticket because I was very ready for an evening in my jammies. Not sure if I will get the train or drive because I’m unsure if they’re running properly.

This is the pie before it was served:

*lentil cottage pie with cauli and broccoli


Can’t believe nobody has mentioned the anus mayonnaise yet.


Hey hey. Pissy day at work dealing with petty thefts and low level people stuff which is quite time consuming. Home for round 2 of yesterday’s veggie cottage pie. Some beers, hope my wife actually feels like she wants to talk to me and trash on TV probably. Not working until 3 tomorrow morning, so will no doubt stay up later than advised