Evening of Weds


Whats for #tea? Just had chicken* and aubergine #curry. P good. Off to band pracco now, gonna pick up #beers What yup tae?


got 3 beers, got a pizza in the freezer, living the life!


really need to start on my diet again but I just can’t be bothered for some reason


Bumped into Noel Fielding earlier who apparently now lives in my friend’s block of flats.
Going to get a bagel now.


did you tell him he was a cock?


It’s fucking belting it down over here, so I made a big soup and a vegan moussaka (thanks, Anna Jones) and now I’m downloading music I’ve somehow misplaced from my hard drive and will read a book in a bit, I think.

Gonna drink probably x15 cups of rooibos this evening, my friends.

  • Milk
  • No milk
  • Milk substitute (soy, almond, etc.)
  • Putting milk in it makes you a bad person, or something

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Milk in rooibos!!! Now i’ve heard everything.


I’ve had that before, didn’t know it wasn’t just normal tea.

Weird tea, not a fan.


Glorious morning here in San Francisco. Watched the sun rise on account of the old jet-lag.

Currently writing some SQL :sunglasses:


have you seen Mark Kozelek out and about?


Yeah, that fucker’s been stalking me for my entire trip.

I had to google him


and you call yourself a DiSer!


Just had a banana and cup of tea. I’m about to head to gym but it’s absolutely pouring down.


:worried: I guess I’ll clear my DiSk and hand in my badge and gun.


We bought this for 50p from a charity shop about 17 years ago.

Would you…

  • Give all the proceeds to charity
  • Give some of the proceeds to charity
  • Keep all the proceeds

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And at the shop would you have…

  • Bought it and hurried out before they realised
  • Bought it and then told them straight after
  • Pointed it out to them and felt good about yourself
  • Pointed it out and felt bitter about it for ages

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Evening DiS,

5-a-side was cancelled so gonna cook up some chilli and binge watch the last couple of episodes of Preacher instead.


it’s ok, I’m just a big fanboy. It’s the only reason I would go to San Francisco.


Check out this mad flower!!


Would eat.


It would go so well with a spam fritter.