Evening of Weds

I’ve answered honesty, I’m afraid. If I were in a better financial position I would give to charity.

Tonight I’m celebrating with a pizza while I watch the Liverpool match. Forgive my hedonistic lifestyle.

No (he had a child in his arms!)

Really wanted to go to this

Instead I am drinking Biere des Flandres and am about to play Monopoly, having just knocked up a stir fry on an electric hob (which was enough to drive me mad).

It’s ok You can just think it instead then

I think he’s started doing neighbourly hellos so I think it’s best to just be polite.

Yay me.


Got some beetroot soup for tea :smile: :100:

Gonna have a bath :bath: then read in bed :open_book: :bed:

Hope everyone is having a good night/day.

Evening all!

It’s been a productive day. Got some work done, did a big shop, read loads and my GF has just arrived back from San Francisco! (Though I won’t get to see her until Friday night.) Congratulations to @Mistersteve on the job!

I’m going to organise some socks and watch that Channel 4 Jay Z/Kanye documentary, followed by drinking beer and playing lots of bass.

O shit! Why didn’t you go?

is he as smug as he seems?

going for pizza with my dog
its a van at the pub and my face always flushes with anxiety before I go in case they’re sold out
might stay for quiz depending on how good a chance I reckon I’ve got based on the picture round and no. of attendees, i’m not there to have fun i want prizes
and then home for some CBB and Nathan For You

had a decent curry - with rice (first time I haven’t put it on, wondered off and completely forgotten about it in awhile), naan and poppadoms. really enjoyed it. now I’m going to go buy some beer and eat some more poppadoms.

probably watch a film. maybe picnic at hanging rock, maybe something totally shit instead

The woman thought it was all a bit silly really. It’s hard to argue with that, but I see it as a reason why we should go

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watching a little Tournoi Audi. got a chicken madeira in the oven.

That’s exactly why I’d go to something like that!

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Sometimes I wish I’d just gotten a normal job

In other news, I’m still in the office at 9pm

Fuck diets


yeah they’re really no fun but apparently I’m at peak age for being a handsome man so I need to make the most of it.

You don’t need a diet for that

ah bummer, I knew that was probably an easy cop out