Evening on a monday

wuu2 bbz?

dinner etc?

I’ve just smashed a plate :x:
but it was before i washed it :white_check_mark:

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I’m seeing double here… 4 evening threads.


oh god damn it

i’m never going to beat laelfy

Ffs japes I held off as long as I could

alright Japes?

yeah not bad bambam. how’s yersel?

ps mods you can nuke this thread and we can use the other one

waiting to see which thread wins before posting my plans

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They can do a merge can’t they?

nah let’s keep both and have a big DiS Schism, we can be now as either japesters and laelfos from now on


even posting that in here probably helps my cause. makes it seem like this one has the momentum.

they could, and that would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Mate, no need to be angry your thread is winning.


I feel bad for laelfy :frowning:

remember when I made an evening thread at about 17:30 and some people were all “woaah this is too early for evening are you mad?!”

don’t seem so crazy now do I?!


we should get some kind of rota system. someone does the evening thread, someone else does the bins


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always find it funny when people moan about doing the bins, that’s like the easiest chore! Just take some shit outside to a bigger bin then put that bin in the street