Evening on a monday

not up to much


suppose it’s the thought that you might get bin juice on you

always close to catastrophe with that chore

actually I mildly prefer washing up because the warm water and bubbles are fun. Both are top chores

Washing up

  • Marigolds
  • Bare hands

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wait what?!


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Poll wasn’t meant to be private ffs

yeah I just mean, why?

No dinner as had mega halloumi and raised pepper sandwich with chips at lunch.

Doing usual driving kids about tonight. Then Homeland I suppose…

got a pizza with a spinach base

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  1. Allows you to deal with hotter water for better cleaning
  2. Your skin is fucked from climbing and peels away in a really grim way if it sits in washing-up liquidy water for too long.

oh no.2 sounds yummy :grimacing:

I guess I see your point but in favour of bare hands:

  1. convenient
  2. nice bubbly hand-feel
  3. your hands don’t have that weird rubbery smell afterwards
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Appreciate your detailed reasoning here.


more topping info pls

i’ve never considered #1 before

oh but another one for marigolds:

  1. you get to pretend to be a brainy surgeon when you put them on

Evening, having a mini pizza thing and some chips because I deserve it. Work is being a right pain atm, but I was emailing the TV lots today and we went for a cuppa and it was lovely :slight_smile:

Doing some washing using some new capsule things you put at the back of the drum? Don’t seem to be working as there’s no soap and I can see the capsule whizzing around, completely unbroken and not soaping my dirty clothes.

Well check out Captain HTML Mark-up here starting his list at point 3 :wink:

you’ve lost me here

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