Evening (PLUS ailment roll call)

Wuu2 huns?

Ailments? Dinner? Etc

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4 of the 6 flats in my block now have covid :grimacing:

Not me, so far.

But i did just get bindweed sap on my fingers which is NOT poisonous unless you’re a horse and eat it regularly, and yet my finger started burning and turned white

Cba with dinner, but i need some vegetables stat

Hey up sugarpop

It’s potato salad with stuff for dinner. Mainly as they I have a carb for my lunch tomorrow with the leftovers

Then it’s take dog for a run, watch Kendrick Lamar and go to bed at about 9.

Very tired. Do not allow me to cocktail can tonight :star_struck::rofl:


Been waiting for a delivery that they said was attempted on Friday (doubt it very much) and it’s now about five hours past the delivery timeslot they gave me for today.

  • Will be delivered tonight
  • Lol

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Got Caroline Polachek at Glasto on. Think I’ll have pizza.

Just had left over pizza. Need to write a report but going to watch mannequin pussy, might try and write it when I get back pissed.

Omg I’m on several trains this week, m&s better have pina back in stock or plans are off

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Nothing much

Covid and covid related symptoms. Mainly tiredness and lightheadedness atm

Maybe fish chips and peas


Salmon, corn on the cob & parmentier potatoes for dinner

I’m ailment free, but Jimbo’s ear infection is going strong despite today being day 4 of antibiotics

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Not hungry enough for dinner. Off got a walk, will pick a aback up from somewhere

Got quite a bad hangover only just starting right now

I see no one is reassurring me I’m not a horse


Sounds great. 7:15 okay?

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Being a horse isn’t a problem. I know some great horses. Would you like a carrot?


Day 1 of sober fortnight
Guess i’ll have some decaf


Horses don’t have fingers

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Both Miss Y and I have the 'rona. First time we’ve had it since original lock-down, so that’s pretty good going I reckon. Miss Y is suffering a lot more than me; I seem to be largely asymptomatic but between major hayfever and having to rescue a silly pigeon from behind my bricked up bedroom fireplace yesterday and breathing in god knows what after drilling it out (there was an old pigeon skeleton in there :frowning_face:) I am feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Dinner is chicken thighs done in a fajita style sauce, maybe with pitta breads. About to cook now.

Still feel off following this saturdays drinking. Dislike very much. Thats all i can report ive done fuck all other than work… but its kinda what i need ao yay

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Still feel like someone’s after belting me in the head with a hurley. Major house stress not helping.

Going to read a book about Pope Pius XII and drink some cider.

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I’ve got post-festival blues even though I didn’t go to Glastonbury.


Calves are in bits post weekend, but a bill of Rina Sawayama and Peaches yesterday was worth it