Evening (PLUS ailment roll call)

Bailed on gig today, bailed on gig tomorrow

Lazy boy!


How cringe was it

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Watching murray in the tennis. Not feeling very optimistic about it.

Just demolished this. Was smashing but not sure why my yorkshires ended up being delicious balls.

Ailment wise i feel alright today but don’t think I’ve fully shaken off the swollen glands, fatigue and sporadic sore throat that has plagued me for about 3 months.


Reasonably. Not looking forward to the taxi ride :rofl::rofl:

deffo not letting him drink at my speed either


This is the cutest meet cute that ever did meet

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Thats what i was like with overwatch. I had to stop overwatch for a few months before being able to come back without craving booze

Also my arms hurt from putting together a set of drawers yesterday

First day of new job was an all-day induction thing - spent most of it questioning my life choices and trying not to panic about whether I’ve made the right decision.

Also, Dobby from Peep Show was in the govt’s anti-extremism video which was a bit jarring.


Had bean burger with avocado and huge slice of tomato. Honestly biggest tomato ever. Wish I’d take a photo now.

Having a chippy tea on Monday. What a rebel.

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Not much going on. Mr meo is making the roasting tin coconut prawn curry but we do chickpeas and just put any old veg in. It’s always so nice.

I use the new Elizabeth line to go to work now and I have to get off the train at Moorgate and walk 10 mins round the corner to Liverpool Street. BUT this evening I went the wrong way and found the two stations are now connected so I don’t have to tap out and tap in and all that shit. Mind blown.

Gonna watch below deck Australia and more Hacks.

Pickled some red cabbage and onion earlier (which was the most productive thing I did with my day of annual leave :neutral_face:) so making vivera Shawarma kebabs with that and spring onions and tahini and stuff.

Early start for Wimbledon tomorrow but going to open a bottle of chilled wine because I’m on holiday (and feeling particularly lonely) :innocent:


Love that kebab meat

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You never hear geordies moaning about the weather in Newcastle do you or making a big thing about it (apart from fog on the tyne, but that’s fine). Bet it rains there more than Manchester.


Nobody in Manchester moans about the weather everyone not from Manchester says it always rains in Manchester.

Yeah true

getting a bit stressed out by my ‘one week’ kitchen renovation that is currently stretching into its third week

been at my parents’ house out of the way but was told the kitchen would be fairly usable by the end of last week with just the tiling left to do. so i’d told my landlord i’d be back this week when he asked if i’d be around for the new fridge getting delivered on wednesday.

but i arrived at the house yesterday to find it absolutely nowhere near finished - no sink, no cooker, all the plugs hanging out of the wall - and had to turn and make the long journey back to my parents’ house again.

now being told the kitchen should be fairly usable by wednesday with the tiling and stuff happening on thursday and friday, so i’m wondering if i should go up tomorrow night, try to work there for a day while the fridge comes and then come home again while the other work gets done. but a) that’s another 2 long bus journeys as well as 2 more lifts to/from the bus station from my mum, and b) having been burned now already i fear the prospect of getting there and finding it STILL an unfinished shit heap.

might see if i can convince my housemate to drive up instead of me as he has an actual car.

Everybody in Manchester complains about people complaining about it always raining in Manchester though too


they’re doing the bathroom in a few weeks too, if that takes anywhere near this long i will scream

just want my house back

Conversely the weather is no better in Brighton than it is anywhere else in the UK. Not as muggy as inland UK obviously but thats true of all coaatal towns

Anount of people that the weather must be nice because i live here is surprisingly large