Evening Thread (09/05/19)



I’m on train. Just had that Leon plaintain curry was very good.

Might go purchase a train beer or gin at some point.

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it’s still afternoon


not that it matters to me



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I’m on a train with 25% battery mate, i’m not hanging about


Should probably plug the train into a charger then.


are you going somewhere nice?


Yes, Mount Florida.


where’s that?


In Glasgow. (It’s where I live)

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Can’t wait for my phone to die.

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Bit macabre.


just did one of the b-sides on Celeste. Fucking insanely hard and now my hand is cramped up


Yesterday morning, I walking through St James’ Park without my glasses on, saw some bright green in a flower bed and was like ‘Wow, those flowers are well bright’, got closer and it was a gardener hunched over in a hi-vis jacket


Train to Edinburgh. Thought about getting a train beer, didn’t.

Girlfriend has invited me to the pub with some of her friends but I think I’m just gonna go home and make dinner, play some Cities: Skylines instead.

This is boring even by my lofty standards, jeez.

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I’m stuck at work for another 2.5 hours. Fucking Thursdays.

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I’m meeting an ATD for a burger, then entering saucetropolis with another and then kipping on my brother’s couch. Good evening ahead.


I have nearly finished working and then it will be evening. I am going to build some Ikea shelves.

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